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  1. Is a coil pack replacement a DIY job?

    Just a quick update. Finally got around to this and it was a single coil pack at fault. Easy fix and well worth £35 for the part. Cheers Stef123.
  2. Is a coil pack replacement a DIY job?

    Quick update. Got myself the correct tools, just waiting for the packs to arrive. However in making sure I could do the job and then running the car (after removing a couple of the packs (and the putting back)) in I notice that there is slight smell of exhuast in and around the engine, moreover the exchaust does sound a little throaty when revved. Two questions, how do I tell whether the exhaust has 'gone', and would a hole in the exhaust cause a slight misfire? Cheers
  3. Is a coil pack replacement a DIY job?

    Cheers Stef Its been a few years! But I am a little stuck as the garage want £100+ labour to even start this job, and the car has 'warranty' cover. I want to find the issue myself and then I can be satified that I am not being ripped off. I will post back when done next weekend I hope! Hopefully the misfire will have gone, and then its onto fitting the microswitch on the boot......
  4. Is a coil pack replacement a DIY job?

    Right understood, do they simply detach and pull out, or does the spark plug needs to come out first?
  5. Is a coil pack replacement a DIY job?

    Thanks all. As I think I need four coil packs is there any reason why I shouldn't say do two at a time to see whether this fixes my misfire issue? I assume you can move these around without causing too many problems.
  6. Is a coil pack replacement a DIY job?

    Cheers Stef Right so to get this correct I assume I first must disconnect the battery? And if replacing the plugs I need to replace the leads in the correct order, although looking at it their length determines that anyway I think. Does make of plugs matter? Does make of coil pack matter, get from Ford or ebay? Finally the plugs need to be adjusted for the car, I have done this but it was years ago. Thanks
  7. Following on from post below it might be that I need to replace coil packs on my 1.8 Zetec. Is this a job anyone can carry out or does it have to be done at a garage? Is there a set of instructions anywhere covering this? Can anyone explain where I start! Thanks
  8. Misfire after 15-20 minutes 1.8 Zetec

    Yes if you have a picture that would help, else I guess I need a Haynes. In terms of the throttle, the engine management light has come on once, the garage checked this and could only find an error related to the accelerator/throttle but as it had cleared could not confirm whether there was actually an issue or not. I assume its related, but really not sure. Thanks again.
  9. Misfire after 15-20 minutes 1.8 Zetec

    Cheers, could it be the throttle position sensor, and if so can I replace that myself?
  10. Misfire after 15-20 minutes 1.8 Zetec

    Thanks, so this kind of issue should only show when warm? I don't have a multimeter, so would it be worth just changing all the leads? Doing one by one so I don't get the order wrong?
  11. Misfire after 15-20 minutes 1.8 Zetec

    Cheers will have a look tomorrow. What's annoyed me is that the car has warranty cover but the garage I usually use don't appear to want to waste their time in case they don't get paid. The coil pack symptoms I can find on here all appear to give error codes when checked and mine doesn't. The only code found was due to the throttle pedal and then that went away almost immediately.
  12. Misfire after 15-20 minutes 1.8 Zetec

    Thanks, forgive my ignorance but is there a decent picture on the web of the 1800 engine so I can check I am in the right areas? Plug wells, I am assuming you mean take off the leads and check for water and oil around the plugs? Which side is the aux belt? And what does the loom look like? Sorry PS I assume Coil Packs would give different symptoms?
  13. Odd issue I have is that the car starts and runs from cold perfectly but when really warm on a journey it starts to miss when pushed, particularly up hill and in too high a gear. It misses but then clears and then repeats the issue a few minutes later. Its been in the garage and checked with no issue found, they have been worse than useless and don't believe there is an issue (I guess as it take quite a while to show the symptoms). Any ideas?
  14. Computer in European format?

    Many thanks, that worked perfectly. Cheers