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  1. Were you get your filter from mate does it make any difference to performance ??

  2. Hi Mate. Saw your car in the Gallery.. Looks lush mate..!

  3. Hiya mate, ive just read on a post that you have put a sub in your boot. Did you fit it? if yes, how hard was it to do? Does it sound good running off the original setup?

  4. my mk7 fiesta

    lil vid for you guys and and girls View My Video
  5. The Cold Weather Vs. MK7 Fiesta

    I hope its not just me but is the ford fiesta mk 7 crap in the snow and ice just doesnt wana move haha! i have the zetec s and its just poo in the snow like my bro has no problm in his car but my car doesnt want to kno
  6. Red fiesta with black (painted) 17'' aloys

    i would goo for the black alloys with red outlike and try get sum dif center ford badged red with ford in black?
  7. is there going to be a mk7 st ???

    wow i want one now! wouldnt mind gettin a spoiler like that tbh
  8. my mk7 fiesta

    nope hopefully my next thing will be manifold and better breaks how much will the manifold give me bhp ?? cos i aint got it and got 139 bhp on a rolling road
  9. dashboard update

    i live it mate looks really smart i myt have 2 think about doin suma like this myself but mayb not cf for me
  10. my mk7 fiesta

    yes ther is myn was alot cheapr at urban racing in st helens
  11. my mk7 fiesta

    ermm not sure pal
  12. is there going to be a mk7 st ???

    eco boost :/ it wont be that eco haha! i cant see it being eco eny weyy ! butt if there guna say ecoboost engine tax wont b as high than iff they goo put a norml engine in ey??
  13. my mk7 fiesta

    yes mate they will work there what i got! looks really good :) and mate u could still doo stuff to your diesel i would deffo get it remaped you would get really good results from that
  14. Performance Mods

    if i didnt need my car 2 get 2 work every day i would get that :o
  15. is there going to be a mk7 st ???

    i actuly think they might push for the rs and i did read on a ford website that they wasnt guna make an st as they have give mountune the go ahead for upgrade packages so they didnt need make an st