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  1. has anyone fitted a late fiesta wiper arm/blade like this to their Fusion?
  2. Fitted! Just need to wire up the power adapter to the fuse box when it comes, for now it's plugged into a cigar socket adapter!
  3. One modified coin holder ready for fitting, one of the ports will be attached to the rear of my stereo and the other will provide power for my phone!
  4. Yup, been thinking of getting some of those, the rear wiper has got a tad stiff and skips across the window!
  5. They came in the post half an hour after the pic was taken! 😉
  6. Retro fitted clear headlights to my facelift Fusion, also fitted fogs, just want the chrome trimmed grille now and she's done!
  7. Has anyone had any success remapping their Fusion? I've got a 1.4 and would like a little more oomph!
  8. Sorted my problem with the fog lights, seems that one of the complimentary bulbs I received with my fog lights was blown and upon removing the rear cluster to replace a suspected blown bulb I discovered the connection was rusted, a quick clean and new bulb and I now have two rear fog lights!
  9. So just one fuse for all of the fog lights then and one relay for all the lighting?
  10. I've just fitted front fogs to my 57 plate Fusion and the drivers side isn't functioning, thing is neither is the rear, is there a fuse that covers the drivers side fogs and if so where is it located?