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  1. Will ask them tomorrow, took her for a drive and she's been wonderful. Entered limphome mode once really uncharacteristically, just normal acceleration in fifth on a straight. Hoping it's an anomaly because I'm not sure how much more I'm prepared to shell out on her given the new car.
  2. Hmmm, yes. I did wonder why the pump/feed pipes weren't changed. Any way I can check if they're OK? Car is driving like an absolute beauty, making little spooling noises I've never heard before. She's pulling so consistently up hills because of that now-perfect torque curve. Do you think they might've checked the oil and made the decision that it was OK or are we suspecting corner cutting? I can always put her back in for a check if need be
  3. ST and RS models hold their value a surprising amount, I was in the market for an older ST when my dad had one. As for your Focus, the 1.5tdci is a derivation of my old 1.6? If so, remapping shouldn't make it insensible, just quirkier. Depends on whether you have the 95 or the 120, I guess. With regards to the Ranger, what do you mean when you say you were put off? It doesn't seem to be a super tunable engine, but you could make it a torque beast with a big enough turbo. I'm not completely sold on the 435d, I'm looking at TTS/RS's too. Both can be taken to 400hp with minimal effort, through either a stage 1 for the diesel or a revo kit for the 2.0L. My mate's 2016 Mountune RS was the first 370+hp I ever drove and it filled me with a truckload of adrenaline. Problem with the mk2.5 is that even though the engine sounds like a baby V10, there's only so much you can do to a FWD car before you get an undrivable mess. 450hp seems to be a good number for the mk2.5 ST/RS I've not yet dabbled into bikes, but the idea of a K1600GTL thrills me. No one goes in my car because other people reduce my 0-60 lol so I might get rid of the back seats, it's hidden from view by the 90% glass anyway so I won't appear a tryhard chav racer 😅
  4. Before the Kuga I was tempted by the Mk3 RS, but I decided against it because 35k on a Focus is excessive imho. Car should be all reliable now, only things worth checking if she isn't perfect are the air filter and maybe all the fuel lines but she should be OK, test drive showed no faults and I pushed her hard. Gonna start idling for a minute or two after journeys to keep this turbo nice and cool. I like the 3.2 Ranger, more so than the new Raptor might I add. I'll remap the Focus and the "diesel M4" together and see how it goes. Ideally I'd be getting 140hp+ from the Focus which would make it an excellent and fun daily, might chip in on other bits and bobs to get it to the 150 mark. As for the Bimmer, I've seen reliable stage 1 tunes at 410hp and 780nm and I'm suddenly excited. Backstory goes that before I could drive I was a competitive Forza racer (racing rig not controller) and some of the cash going into the Focus came from me kicking **** on there so hopefully I can get my hands on an actual powerhouse like the BMW
  5. Got the car back just now, £678, so honestly I'm happy. Showed me the old unit and the blades were indeed ****ed. Turbo unit they bought was £425 so I'm hoping it's a goodun! So that's a CV joint, timing belt, fuel filter, oil filter (twice!), turbo and injector seals. I'd bet all my savings she'll still limp home mode up a hill
  6. I just really hope they haven't gone and bolted a TD025 on or find out that my turbo was actually already a hybrid and I'm only now going to experience 110hp and not 140 or something stupid like that lol. My only worry with that is that if it's had a hybrid on it and now has a stock without it being mapped into the system, there'll be boosty problems awry. All the 435d's are xDrive, but insurance will be a problem considering the performance and low-price of the car. One I'm looking at is 18k now, down from 52k in 2014. Talk about depreciation 😕 I figured that after driving my dad's single turbo and enjoying it, twin turbos are the only option! Very reliable straight-6, too. Aye, I think I'll keep myself in a lull until Bashbarnard replies!
  7. Car's in for the turbo, hoping to god they put the right one on, and that they do the system by reg not memory. Any specific 110-related things the garage need to know or am I worrying too much? As for the BMW purchase, I'm looking at a mid-mileage 435d M-Sport Plus on the weekend, hoping it can simultaneously out perform the Kuga and get better mpg. To be fair, the only real reason besides my own gluttony is because even an M4/C63 couldn't escape my diesel powah at stage 1. Upon visiting my mum a couple of days ago, I've told her I'm buying a Dacia Duster, so I can double-scare her when I take her for a spin!
  8. It's got GTRadials on it at the mo, looking for a good set next change (Conti or Pirelli). She handles brilliantly anyway, but coilovers are a thought for the future. Because she's only got the 110hp currently, she can handle her drink, after a remap and maybe a BMW turbo she'll need them. Turbo's being done Tuesday, garage came back with a brilliant £700 quote, much to my surprise. Honestly guys, I'm thinking of getting rid of the Kuga and with the ~£15000 I'd get, I could get a 2015 Focus ST petrol or diesel with limited extra funding. That... or a 425d for myself. Edit: I've found a 435d which I really quite like, stage 1 400hp/750nm. 63 plate and going for 16k, think I'm gonna make the plunge.
  9. Fair enough, yeah the brakes on the Focus are absolutely useless, rear drums and little front discs. Could use maybe another 10mm lowering but she still holds the road like a dream. My dad had a 2006 Focus ST and that handled no better than mine, exited the corners hell of a lot faster though lol. That 2.5L sounded incredible, mine sounds like an angry tractor. What handling upgrades are actually worth it?
  10. Ah I see, my bad. Raises an interesting question, I suppose, how differently do the Zetec S and ST handle? I was tempted by a Focus Zetec S when I bought this one, but it was higher mileage and an ugly blue, mine's only a Zetec but it has the sat-nav, lowered suspension and the beautiful y-spoke 17"s
  11. I did wonder why there was such a price difference. I'm sure Wish.com will be doing them soon for a fiver! Also, I stumbled upon your forum, am I correct in saying you DV6 swapped a Mk6 ST?
  12. Well, £350 + £100 + (4x£65) is still only £710 so I think you're still right about it being a little steep. I've found some online for silly money, like £150 but I'm not sure I trust them because some are £600 and now I'm confused. I can ask them if they supply parts I've bought, and then any money leftover can go into a remap, they'll probably still say no of course. Even the brand new Kuga feels like a budget car here. Rose red and all! I wish I had the ability to do all this myself and I'll make it my personal mission to be able to do so soon. I never really shift over 3500rpm, even when doing questionable overtakes. Third gear and I are best buds. So, you're saying the "10% more mpg" is BS? Makes sense, I still don't really understand what the catch on remapping is, since the engines and clutches are good for more than stock - isn't it a no-brainer? Makes me want a Focus ST TDCi because they're so much torquier than basically any other 2.0l Thank you for this, I'm learning lots!
  13. I must say I had a giggle at this, maybe it's best to leave that alone then! The garage said that if I called them today, they could order a turbo by the next morning and have it done. Would it be cheaper if I bought the turbo myself, and then asked them to fit it? As entertaining and interesting as it would be, I'm not sure I want to risk another failure due to my own incompetence. How much should it cost? This forum is brilliant, btw, without it I'd probably not even ask if this is daylight robbery. Can't find a receipt, but off the top of my head it's ~£65/h. They've always been good and quick and I think the little price jump is because I live in a town of quite affluent retirees with Mercedes S-Classes and Continental GTs. Unfortunately, I am no such affluent retiree. As for mapping, it doesn't need any extra economy, as long as it isn't noticeably worse. I like the theory that you can be in a higher gear and use less throttle, and so the engine is never being pushed, however I know full well it'll only make me drive faster. In all fairness though, I've never redlined her, seems pointless with all the torque being so low down. Max power is apparently at 4000rpm but by then it's screaming and not doing much at all really. I'll have a look for the receipt, I know that changing injector seals, looking at the turbo, and looking for that clunking which they haven't fixed was £209
  14. So apparently blanking the EGR can cost me a bit down the line because of x regulation y subsection z. Is it worth the risk to get it professionally bypassed and help protect my internals/DPF from the dreaded carbon buildup which seems to be the literal bane of this diesel's existence at every turn? Hopefully remapping can get me some extra performance and efficiency out of the engine, and with a spanking new turbo she should be right as rain. Garage are charging £850 for turbo fitting, is this reasonable? I must add that although I love cars and try to learn as much as I can, I'm young and pretty useless at the moment. As for terracleaning, God knows if it'll actually do anything, but the piece of mind might provide at least some placebo. As a pointless side note, I nearly rolled the Kuga today and now I'm a little scared to take corners in 2nd. Silly me entered the apex right on boost and I must've thought I was driving the Focus because no, it absolutely cannot hold the road for the Earth.
  15. OK, I couldn't let her go. Ordered a direct GT1544V replacement, first thing I'm gonna do is remap it to whatever, get the EGR blanked and terra clean the **** out of the DPF. Decided if it'd be a grand either way, I'd rather keep the old girl than buy something rubbish. Not ready to put an uprated turbo on her yet, engine needs to be at least as strong as it was coming off the production line before I put stupid stress on parts (he says after saying he'll remap the thing) It's been a rollercoaster today, but I've really realised how much I'm prepared to sink into the car, even if that's stupid or not. Thank you for the replies today, they aided my decision to keep the underboosty beast