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  1. Headlight bulb change???

    Hi I'm not sure how to take off the clip on the back of the headlight unit, I have a 57 fiesta and the handbook says to take the headlight unit off the car to make it easier to change bulbs. Here's how: First take off the grill cover the radiator by unclipping the clips at each side above the front bumper and lifting it upwards. Unscrew the two screws at the front of the head lamp and then the third screw on top. Lift out the head lamp carefully. Unplug the back case of the head lamp with the clip below. Unclip the headlight by clipping together the metal clips and take out the headlamp, making sure you do not touch the light. Replace the headlamp also making sure you do not touch the light with your skin. In case you do, wipe thoroughly with a soft tissue. Close and replace the headlight in the same way. If any of that didn't make sense, there are pictures in the handbook. If you don't have the handbook i would be happy to scan in the pages and email them to you. I had the same problem with my Ford Ka before I bought my Fiesta, the local Ford garage wanted to charge 25 quid to change a headlight bulb!!!! Good luck