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  1. I thought I'd start with one connected to my phone - once I get the hang of it and I'm ready to do more damage I'll try connecting to a laptop! The Wi-fi version arrived yesterday from Tunnelrat (1 day after ordering it!), I've managed to get it connected and working but I'll need to work out what I'm doing before I can get stuck in to the tyre sensor issue - I'll let you know if I make any progress on it! Thanks again for the help
  2. Thanks again - I've ordered the wifi version, they were a lot cheaper than I expected! I had the car serviced yesterday, they gave me a list of the fault codes before they cleared them all - B124D-02 Tyre pressure sensor is the one I'm interested in. They also found damage to the inside of the rear alloy wheel which makes me wonder if the wheels have been rotated (maybe after hitting a pot hole with the front wheel - inside damage to a rear wheel seems unlikely!) - maybe the TPMS needs retraining after wheel rotation? I found the following on a webdoc, this possibly relates to the F-150 but may still be relevant - When the Tunnel Rat arrives I'll see what I can find out. Apologies if I'm oversharing - I'm just assuming others may find this info helpful if they have similar faults!
  3. Thanks again for your reply I checked the tyre pressures - they were all fine if a little high, I adjusted them to the correct level but no effect on the problem. The car is in for a service today so I'll ask them to have a look at the fault codes and see what they come up with. For future use, can you recommend a decent OBD2 interface I can use with Forscan? I have used a cheap Chinese one found on Ebay which was reasonably useful, but working out a fault is difficult enough without having to decode the translation first!
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply! There are no other faults showing up, it just displays that message then the yellow tyre warning light flashes for a while before staying on solid. I reset the tyre pressures (see below), the system says 'tyre pressures stored' then seems happy till it repeats the 'tyre sensors not detected message' roughly 20miles/minutes later... Is there a way of narrowing it down to a particular sensor if it is to do with the ABS? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All Can anyone help with an issue on my Grand C Max 1.6 TDCI Titanium 2014 I had the following message pop up, ('tyre sensors not detected') but if I reset the tyre pressure in Driver Assist it happily accepts this and the message disappears for 20 miles or so before the reappearing. The car has just passed its MOT with flying colours so this wasn't picked up during the test apparently - any idea if this is due to missing or faulty pressure sensors on one of the wheels? How would I go about finding the culprit and replacing? I did find a guide on doing a complete reset on a Focus that involves pressing the hazard light button 5 times then deflating and reflating each tyre in turn, but this doesn't seem to apply to the C Max Any advice gratefully received!
  6. Hi All Just bought a Grand C Max 2014 TDCI Titanium at the weekend - it was a Cat D write-off but fully repaired and sailed through its MOT. Couple of niggly issues so I'll be picking brains in the forums if I may! I've had a few Fords over the years - my first at age 17 was a MK1 Fiesta , I can still recognise the engine noise a mile off!