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  1. Hi, sorry been away. Yes, usually leave in 3rd about town as a single gear drive, but lower to help on hills & higher to help higher speed cruise is possible. Obviously can change whilst stationary but also whilst running, with care ! Electrical reverse. Its just a simpler conversion, rather than connecting direct to drive shafts.
  2. Sorry for confusion. Yes, IC engine & all ancillaries removed. Electric motor directly coupled to gearbox. Battery in place of fuel tank. Runs well.
  3. Thanks Bash. It's just my first PAS rack but I will take it off & get into it.
  4. Hi, thanks for all the replies. Yes, I am aware that the diesel version has an electric pump but that still uses significant amps & all power usage is an issue for me, so don't really want t use any PAS. Didn't realise that PAS systems use a different caster angle. I could change that, but I guess there'll be no data available as I think all Mk6's were PAS & that would mean a lot of trial & error. Then there are other variables - I'm also looking for 4.5 or 5.0J steel wheels so as to fit narrower tyres. Less rolling resistance, lower noise & hopefully reduce steering effort further. Currently I have removed the pump & connected the rack hydraulic in/out together. This avoids pushing the fluid through the pump but still has to push it back & forth through the valves. I was going to remove all the hydraulicy bits, but then wondered if the rack & pinion would get lubricated ?
  5. Hi guys, I've just converted my '57 plate Fiesta to electric. Does anyone out there know of any manual (not-powered) steering rack that could replace the original hydraulic PAS rack, please ? Maybe a lower ratio & maybe from something else that I could modify. Thanks.