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  1. Based on my 2017 titanium the trans filter is external to the box in an unscrew able housing and 150000 mile change
  2. Take it back to fords as the 3 year manufacture warranty may still apply and insist on a fix if nothing else if you report the issue while still in warranty if it dies later you will have some comeback on it email the dealers so you have it in writing also cc on the email ford direct customer service so they can have a record of it.
  3. Unless it want's an after ignition live as its power source an earth point and the power from the DRL as a switch (signal wire) to tell it when to go on if it has 3 cables
  4. have you go any pictures of the new unit as you should only need power from DRL circuit and an earth in theory. constant earth any metal fixed point near the lamp and power from the DRL so when the DRL is on the badge gets power
  5. these look more like manufacture marks IE injection points from a plastic moulding machine
  6. In the experience i had i did the SYNC 3 software update in one go about 30 mins (this is the main OS update) The map update i did with engine on/off no USB in for a bit at times but it still went through eventually again this may be quicker with a newer quicker memory stick mine was a old spare one i had kicking arround. Each system was still available while the update processed (radio dab sat-nav ever-note didn't test everything but i wasn't hindered) as the unit wont apply the update until you turn engine off and on again (2 min wait between)
  7. When i first got my edge i used WiFi to update the sync system wasn't long at all but for the latest i update to my sync 3 i did it via USB as the file size was a lot bigger (could use WiFi on phone but thought better to use USB for this one due to file size and black-spots). First update was sync system took about 30 mins to update without interruptions if your using a relatively old 32GB stick about 5GB update newer stick with faster speed might be quicker. The maps however was 27GB should have taken about 45-60 mins hour and half later still not done (again old stick) had to turn
  8. Firstly I wasnt suggesting that you spend thousands of pounds on a new system just giving you another side to the coin. Secondly I'm not making assumptions I picked 1 engine type and check on the mapping software systems and used a average for that engine type based on leading filter specs vs a high quality (non eBay cheap crap) induction kit. Let's try this again in laymen terms. A flter that allows X flow per min will not be able to give the same performance gains as a larger flow per min filter (think of small straw vs a hose pipe for example), given a carbon fiber heat resi
  9. could be dpf or egr issue can of wynns egr cleaner see if it sorts it
  10. Do you have LED bulbs fitted if so fit normal bulb and see if it cures its. Normally the problem if the car had flickering lights
  11. When i say MAP im referring to the MAP/Boost sensor the not engine map in the ECU. (manifold absolute pressure = MAP) if it read higher or lower pressure than it should it shuts down the turbo system to prevent damage. Boost leaks are a git to find some signs can be slight oiling around joins excess dirt build up along pipes. You can use a heavy smoke source to see if you getting a blow from the intake system, but it need to be heavy smoke other wise you won't see it there was some i saw a while ago with dye in as well so you could use a uv source, other tricks are using a mist spray (be
  12. Tekno


    Most likely wrong battery i would imagine the old one was either an 075 type 60ah and about 500-550cca 1.8 diesel should be a type 100 battery 70ah 620-670cca More than likely a second hand dealer at some point in its history put on the wrong battery as he was being cheap just to shift it from his forecourt as the battery died while it was sat there. cca basically mean peak out put so as much power as the battery can deliver in one hit for example 70ah battery with a constant 1 amp drain 70 hours life but at very low force for want a a better term. but when you need it to dump power
  13. few things to check Map sensor/boost pressure sensor cat could be blocked not allowing engine to breath properly so the turbo cant spool up to speed boost leak any sign of leakage from intake system after the turbo or intercooler leak if fitted Mas air flow sensor could be at fault ie it thinks its getting x meters per second or air per second when its getting y meters per second throwing off the map senors as it should read x boost psi but its getting y boost psi. All these little things could lead to no boost as the system shuts down to protect itself also is the tu
  14. All panel filters if laid out have less material hence less filtration cone filters can have double the surface area allowing for more filtration and air flow and more o2 per million. Panel filters on average between 1/2 bhp to about 10 bhp extra at best depending on setup Cold Air Induction start at about 15bhp and up depending on setup also have a much better sound more throat to them a true cold air induction kit will remove the original box and you will fit new scoop and a cone filter inside a new completely sealed box allowing for true cold air induction about £150 plus from reputabl
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