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  1. Well after many hours checking the vacuum pipes, and after watching a few videos on youtube about the peugeot engine I put a tube into the turbo and sprayed Mr Muscle into it having read the actuator arm not moving much is a sign of the vanes? in the turbo being coaked up. I may get a few of the terms wrong as its my brother who is more mechanically competent! After an hour of letting it dissolve the crud and moving the arm via a big syringe we put it back together. I deleted the codes and let it idle until it reached normal operating temperature. Several spins around the block theres no limp mode, no turbo warning light and also no message saying transmittion service needed. Its acceleration is back and it went up to 50 with no over revving. So I think I can conclude it looks fixed, the problem appears to be the car not getting enough pressure to change gear due to the crud and then going into limp mode as a protection of the gearbox. So the three times I changed the auto transmittion fluid (which was needed as it was black) was treating the sympton rather than the actual problem, and the transmittion service required message after the oil had been changed was a red herring! ps thanks to all who gave advice, much appreciated
  2. Thanks for this. It feels a bit chicken and egg to me. I cleaned the filters on the vacuum valves in the off chance it was a loss of pressure that stopped it accellerating, but i think it is the actual gearbox playing up rather than associated sensors as it kicks in the traction warning sign as it wants to change gear to second.
  3. Hi all I'm new to the group and would benefit from some advice. If anyone can give me some words of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated, In brief: car goes into limp and the auto gearbox won’t change gears. A transmission service required message comes up. The codes P2263 and P1719 come up. The traction warning light comes on at about 15mph and it goes into limp. When it gets to about 30 it clunks and the engine management light comes on and it feels like it won’t change gears. I have changed transmission fluid 3 times but not the filter as this is probably beyond my skill level. I have also hedged my bet by washing out the sponge filters in the two brown vacuum valves between the air cleaner box and the engine to no avail. Anyone have any ideas whats going wrong and why?
  4. JUst thought I'd introduce myself. I've got a mondeo automatic estate 2007 2.0 TDCI, my current money pit!