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  1. Not really If the roads pretty flat I don’t hear a thing, it’s only when I go pretty quick over a bumpy road
  2. Hello there, I’ve recently started to hearing a clunking or knocking noise when I turn right over a bumpy road or bump, I had a service couple weeks ago and mot but nothing was picked up, does anyone know what it could be or If they have the same issue? Cheers
  3. Very odd, my car is only 6 years old so damage on the underside surely can’t be the problem, just managed to get some cat litter silica gel a friend said it’s really good for soaking up the water. Yeah am curious to find out, Hopefully it’s nothing serious.
  4. Hi there, I have recently noticed a lot of water in the rear passenger side footwell, I have seen a few different things it could be on this forum like the scuppers being blocked, air con pipe dislodged, or could be the doors possibly? Just want to know where I can find the scuppers to check this? And also the best way to dry it out properly if anyone has done this. cheers
  5. You think that could help? Could be worth a try for the minute if it helps!
  6. That’s pretty good, I’ll have to have a look round, I’m guessing what the mechanic meant was that it’s harder to replace the clutch rather than the ac compressor so it’s better to run it out til it dies but that’s what I think he meant.
  7. Ah right not good! The belt is in alright condition, he had shown me what was causing the squeaking, the bit on the far left when the AC is on and when I revved the engine seemed to not spin straight away which is what’s causing the noise apparently, I was thinking can that just not be replaced.
  8. I see, as the AC is still supplying cold air it seems okay just hoping it lasts for a little while, I’m still confused with the whole thing as it seems like a lot of effort to change it, would it not be easier to change the disc on the outside of the pulley as that seems to be the thing making the squeak
  9. Went to the garage today to have this looked at, originally they were baffled until they noticed the AC compressor clutch wasn’t engaging when I quickly revved the engine from idle, he’s told me that I should keep using the car and ac as it is for the time being as I’m still getting cold air but eventually when the ac stops giving me cold air then I should look at getting it changed, he said it’s an expensive job does anyone know roughly?
  10. Does anyone know where I could buy a USB port, I have recently bought this car and found the USB port was badly damaged anyone know where I could get a replacement or better it to get fixed? Thanks
  11. Auxiliary belt? Also the sound literally lasts less than a second
  12. Hi there, Just started to hear a strange squealing or squeaking noise from my the driver side of my of my Fiesta 1.2 when I’m pulling off and when the A/C is on, however when I turn the A/C off I don’t hear a thing, the cars 2013 reg and done 46k could it be the auxiliary belt? When I first heard the noise i thought it was the clutch but I only hear it when the A/C is on. Thanks