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  1. Update- Hi guys went to the garage today they pressure tested the system there was no leaks they checked it and nothing was obviously leaking, I did get my cambelt and water pump changed from there back in March or February and they said once it was fitted there may have been an airlock or something and they forgot to tell me to check the coolant a day or so after as it may go down and I would have needed to put more in, thankfully I noticed it before any serious damage was done!
  2. Yeah I think it’s an issue, I’ll be taking it to a local garage tomorrow to have a look and they’re going to pressure test to see if there’s any leaks
  3. Thanks mate just had a look very interesting read, I’ve already filled it up for now but I haven’t checked it enough regularly to see if it has changed over time, hopefully that is the case, I’ve booked it in with a local garage to have a look if they can give me an answer
  4. Also I’ve been looking online to see if Nyone else has had similar issues and I saw something about someone’s water pump being the problem, I’ve only recently had my Cambelt and water pump done could they have possibly fitted it incorrectly or a faulty one?
  5. Just got home from work and had a quick scan under the bonnet and whilst the engine was running I couldn’t see any obvious leaks from pipes in my view
  6. That’s fair enough, hopefully it is something like a split hose or a loose connection somewhere! Thank you
  7. That’s a good shout didn’t think of the pencil trick thanks! I have a 1.25 Zetec, ah right I see that’s odd and not ideal! Is it something that can be fixed easily enough ?
  8. That’s strange isn’t it? Must be a reason behind but at least you had no clear issues with it, I tend to overthink the worst of things so I will just have to top it up and monitor like everyone has said
  9. Yeah that’s a good point lol, I’ve only had the car for a year July, the only reason I believe it may not have been changed in the service in December is because the garage seemed to want to get my car out in a hurry as when I went to use the windscreen reservoir A couple weeks later it was still empty so something tells me they didn’t bother doing much under the bonnet lol
  10. I couldn’t say when if I’m honest, I had my service in December but I can’t remember or say if the coolant was actually flushed and refilled
  11. Hi there I just recently noticed today my engine coolant level has dropped below the minimum line, is there any reason for this? I’m going to top it up as it’s not really a lot the coolant colour is pink, would it be okay to just top it up?
  12. Hi where did you get this from? looks smart
  13. Hi where did you get this from? thanks