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  1. Hello basically I seen a forum on here about a module change and it was there, i changed the cable over and now the car won’t start lights just flicker?
  2. Yeah it is such a bodge job I’ve been trying to refrain from doing it as I’ve looked everywhere online just to see where this cable goes, I’ll take a look in the passenger footwell, cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, bit of a different one, my usb socket is damaged and has been since I’ve had the car I have taken the radio off, all the trims and I have no idea where it plugs in to, I would take it to a garage where they specialise in electrical equipment but they charge £60 first to just hve a loook then another price on the fix itself, I have purchased a new cable the same as this one would I be right in saying that I could simply just disconnect the battery, cut the cable on both old and new and just connect the new usb socket to the old cable and just use electrical tape to keep them togeth
  4. I’ve kept an eye on it weekly since I’ve noticed it going down the only time I left it for months was when the Cambelt and water pump was changed as I didn’t even know it was a thing, when I took it back to the garage they said they should have told me to keep an eye on the coolant but they never did 😂 It is the 1.25 engine
  5. Just really hard as there are no obvious signs of the engine struggling or anything like that
  6. Yeah that’s interesting, it’s hard to tell sometimes as where I live there’s nowhere flat to check it exactly the same every time but I have had to put more coolant in and then when I eventually get park somewhere flat I check and it’s on the max line where I’ve filled it up so I’m certain it’s been going down
  7. Did yours leave much obvious residue or was it like steam? Will check those out
  8. Mines just a Zetec same year however, did they say what the problem? I was told it could have been that there was air in the system but I have since refilled it and it’s still happpening so can’t be that now?
  9. Hi guys, I’m really stumped at the moment with my coolant, I had the water pump and timing belt changed back in March, all good then I checked under the bonnet a couple months not entirely sure later and my coolant was well below the min line, so I filled it up and rang the garage back they done a pressure test and looked for any visual leaks - nothing was told to keep an eye, then few months later maybe longer I checked again and where I had filled it up to the max line it had gone down a bit again so I took it back l for some reason they done the exact same pressure test etc nothing, now I’m
  10. Update- Hi guys went to the garage today they pressure tested the system there was no leaks they checked it and nothing was obviously leaking, I did get my cambelt and water pump changed from there back in March or February and they said once it was fitted there may have been an airlock or something and they forgot to tell me to check the coolant a day or so after as it may go down and I would have needed to put more in, thankfully I noticed it before any serious damage was done!
  11. Yeah I think it’s an issue, I’ll be taking it to a local garage tomorrow to have a look and they’re going to pressure test to see if there’s any leaks
  12. Thanks mate just had a look very interesting read, I’ve already filled it up for now but I haven’t checked it enough regularly to see if it has changed over time, hopefully that is the case, I’ve booked it in with a local garage to have a look if they can give me an answer
  13. Also I’ve been looking online to see if Nyone else has had similar issues and I saw something about someone’s water pump being the problem, I’ve only recently had my Cambelt and water pump done could they have possibly fitted it incorrectly or a faulty one?
  14. Just got home from work and had a quick scan under the bonnet and whilst the engine was running I couldn’t see any obvious leaks from pipes in my view
  15. That’s fair enough, hopefully it is something like a split hose or a loose connection somewhere! Thank you
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