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  1. Ok. I've just done the clutch on my festa. All back together but I've now gone a fault code. Injector 1 is open circuit. I think it's probably down to me pulling the wiring about above the box. Has anybody got an ecu wiring diagram so I can start checking for continuity?
  2. So the electric switch to open the boot has now failed twice in quick succession. It's down to water getting in the tailgate. Is there a common leak I should check? I'm suspecting rear wiper spindle but I can't be 100% sure yet. If it is the spindle can you just buy a seal or is it a whole new wiper assembly?
  3. You really need to know which powershift box you have fitted and that is dictated by what engine you have. Smaller engines used a dry clutch set up which seem to be a bit more problematic while the bigger engines used a wet clutch set up. The oil does need changing every 3 years don't skip on this step in the long run you will end up paying more. There are plenty of transmission places out there specialising in these gearboxes and repair costs will still make your eyes water but no where near 5k for repair. If you are handy with the spanners the oil change is doable and will cost you about 120
  4. Ok this is getting annoying now. 2010 1.250 82ps 4 banger. It's got a flat spot around 3500rpm. Can't really feel it in first or second but in the higher gears it's quite pronounced. I've taken to holding second gear for longer to drive round it. Any ideas?
  5. That looks right being twin speed.
  6. You do know priming the system on these cars after changing the filter is a right pain in the *****? I brought a priming pump off someone on Facebook
  7. The reason I ask is the rh mount is dry and looks fine but I'm not sure about the rest. Unfortunately I'm unable to crawl under or over the car at the moment do can't check the rest
  8. Is it the offside (timing belt/chain end) which is oil filled? It's probably just me I've got over sensitive nerves in my right hand and arm due to an old injury but I'm sure there's a different vibration coming through the steering wheel linked to engine revs. 2.0 tdci powershift.
  9. Good job. Look forward to reading the final version then I maybe brave enough to give it a go
  10. I also have 2012 TitX non navi. I get confused around what is an early sync system and not. I upgraded my system to a nav Sony head unit and fitted a third party reversing camera. Since doing this I've been wanting to upgrade to sync 3 so I can have Android Auto but have been put off as I can't find out if my car is compatible with the sync3.
  11. This is a strange one. Unless you have a major leak which you would see, engine malfunction which would leave miles of smoke out the exhaust or you drove like a loon with the car weighed down by 2 blue whales and the tyres are flat and square I've not got an answer. Maybe it's time to get some live feeds etc from forscan
  12. Air con pump clicking in and out. Maybe needs regassing?
  13. Is there any chances you could of got the maths wrong? I'm only suggesting that as you are struggling to find any other reason. My driving is mainly in town as the car is used for driving instruction. Considering all the start stop driving I do plus the car is idling for quite sometime in car parks or side of the road the worst mpg I've ever got was 37.9mpg and best 44mpg. All figures calculated not from the dash read out but it's never more than a couple of mpg out. On the run 65mph mostly free flowing I got a real world 57mpg which I was really pleased with. Same vehicle 2.0tdci 163 powersh
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