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  1. And you all thought I was taking the ***** with the pirate radio station thing!
  2. Worked in a garage that had a nitogen inflator. Did 2 years on a single nitrogen fill on tires. Never had to top up until a punture. Highly recommend it.
  3. As I say to people, if you ran a printing company, would you be upset fixing the machine that makes you the money that you spend to fix it? Its just life unfortunately. If it was easy, it would be no fun.
  4. Mark 7 is same front and rear: I used these adapters on my fronts but they listed for rear too
  5. Hey all, 3 for the 4 alloys on the bus are ******* and not in the good way so they going in the bin. Any got the centre bore size, offset and centre cap sizes of standard 15s on a 2011 1.25? Have 15 inch 4 Y-spoke standards fitted at the moment. Cheers all!
  6. First advise is not to buy cats on ebay! Get it to an exhaust place at least that way you got some comeback if the car won't go through an emissions test.
  7. Also mix that diptane stuff a bit rich. It's meant to be mixed 100-1 so a 1 litre bottle treats 100 litres of fuel. My suggestion is mix it about a tank plus 10-20 litres. So if you have a 60 litre fuel tank, mix it for about 70-80 litres. It will burn a little hotter and help the regens. Just don't mix it 10-1 because that stuff will melt steel beams better than aviation fuel
  8. So being diesel, usually they need a good long run to get anything to clean so I'd say 300 miles would be par for the course trying to flush the fuel system without going the injector route (as for EGR, once them things are coked with carbon, a clean/replacement/delete is needed in my experience.) What the engine would need is to get to operating temp and run at that for a long distance. I always suggest at least a half tank run at temp (so 300 in a diesel sounds far) at revs slightly higher than you would normally cruise at. Say you normally motorway cruise at 1,500, step it up to 2,000 just to make the engine work a bit harder to get a good temp and volume in the exhaust gas to help the flush out. Suggest an oil change before hand just to make sure all is sweet for regens while you're doing the long run. Stopping for a gypsy's kiss is allowed but if you can do one consistent run, it'll work better since nothing can cool once you're running. If at that point it's still high, then I'd be ready to start changing parts.
  9. Try a bottle of this stuff; Got many a dirty petrol and diesel through the NCT (Irish MOT) but you have to fill up your tank, add this stuff and drive the bastarting thing like you stole it for a few day before the test to flush out the system
  10. Any neighbors running a pirate radio station?
  11. It's worth a shot. Cheap and cheerful attempt. Usually magnets don't engage if the electric resistance is off or something is stopping it. A clean and a slightly tighter belt may help you out
  12. I'd say compression test the engine to be sure the fuel is not just getting pushed out past a sticky valve without being burnt off properly especially if consumtion has gone up. If it passes, could be injector leaking into the chamber. Could get away with new plugs, leads and coil for a stronger spark to burn off fuel better. Hiss noise is strange. Brake performance and different? Pass MOT check?
  13. Stick a belt in it and a bit of white greese spray on the clutch assembly when its off. Make sure to give the groved part a wipe to make sure you don't over spray and see how you get on. Might have a bit of ***** between the magnet and pulley and the greese will hopefully dislodge it.
  14. You could have had a sticky caliper. Brake pad may have been making contact with the disc constantly. This can create huge amounts of heat which could have boiled the brake fluid and expanded the metal piston in the caliper. Once you parked it up, everything cooled and your problem goes away. My advise would be to do pads, disks and a break fluid change and see how you get on. May possibly need to do a caliper but if you got a mate who's on the spanners, he should be able to point you in the right direction.