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  1. A lot of car companies got a hard one for throwing A/C in low end stuff in recent times over here. Jeez it's the one luxury my car has!. Never seen A/C in a car until I was 19 with the boss' high spec Volvo!
  2. You should be able to lift the seat at the front (where the back for you legs are when you sit) and pull it up. Usually just held on with a clip or two
  3. That would be a UK spec if bought new in Northern Ireland. It is just us unlucky ones in the south of Ireland who get badges that mean f**k all AKA my Titanium that looks to be a complete stock as you like 1.25 with none of the Titanium nice bits except the badges.....which are going in the bin. I doubt the previous owner just bought a Halford's special badge and banged it on as I have all the order forms, PDI and registration dockets which have indicated it was a "Titanium" from factory. A lot of us in the south will buy and import UK cars second hand since the specs are SO SO SO SO much
  4. https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/?partner=901615&utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals
  5. https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/?partner=901615&utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals
  6. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/eu/performance/suspension/coilovers/shop-by/vaa__vehicles_code/59171cf262cd4/
  7. http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Rear-Axle-with-Disc-Brakes_16776.jsp
  8. Hey guys, Looking for info. Lock-down has me bored so spending all my time looking for projects to do. Looking to to the usually tart up for the engine bay. Can only find listings for the 1.6 Sigma/Duratec/Zetec engines in regards to coolant/aux lines and spark leads. From an eyeball check, they all look like they will fit my 1.25 but wondering if anyone has done it or can get me access to a for data base for part numbers and I will kill one glorious day playing in the parts catalogue. All help welcomed!
  9. Sounds like your radio is picking up interference from the Bluetooth/USB module. Had an issue in the past similar to this and was resolved with a ground loop isolator. Also have you tried grounding the whole system back to the negative battery terminal? If it's interference you are getting, it could be from the chassis grounding.
  10. Have a look at the socket itself. Had a few cars that used ciggie chargers for phones and GPS units and the contact pins had lost their "Spring-ness" due to be constantly plugged in unlike a lighter that is only in for a few seconds. You can bend them back so they work with a PLASTIC pick.
  11. That is an awesome install you have there! On a slightly unrelated note, you seem to know a bit about installs, would you be willing to field a few questions from a newbee to the sound game?
  12. Full to the gills (42 litres according to Haynes manual), mine will do 550km which is split 95% motorway/5% getting to the motorway.
  13. I really miss having a Coolant Temp Gauge in the car so I am gonna put an EOBD gauge in to so I don't have to plumb in a sender unit into a coolant line. Anyone got any gauges fitted so I can get ideas for placement? Thinking of having it at the little fly window at the A-Pillar on the driver's side so its in line of sight but not distracting from the road if it was bang in the line of view. Cheers
  14. To the best of my memory from the garage days, some Air Con Pumps switch off under acceleration because the car is looking for all power from the engine to speed up. Turns back on with you return to idle/cruising RPM. Some new cars also do it with the alternator . It seems fine to me but like like Dozz above has said, get it gassed and see how you go.
  15. Thinking of sprucing up the interior with a new Mk7 Gear Knob and Boot. Question time: 1. Does anyone know what thread pattern i need for the Gear Knob? I've read its M12x1.5, M12x1.25 and I've also seen "Ford Adapters" but no thread sizes give. Can anyone help? 2. Can the factor Boot Retainer be separated from the factor Gear Knob if I want to keep the factory Boot or is it better to get an after market set up? 3. Probably from someone who works in a Main Dealer, is it still possible to get the plastic surround brand new or has Ford stopped stocking them? Tried a check online w
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