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  1. Oddly enough, I have 17" wheels on my TitX and would quite happily go down to 16" and a narrower width for the improved ride and reduced noise.
  2. Having queried what you get for £149 earlier, I thought I'd check for myself. It's actually £115 which I suppose isn't that much more than the equivalent 1 year's membership of Green Flag, etc. My problem is that I do about 11-12,000 miles a year (ie. 1000 miles per month) so if I have my regular service at 18,000 miles that's every year and a half - do I get this convenience check done 1 year after my regular service (but only 6 months before the next one) or do I split the difference and get alternate regular service and convenience check every 9,000 miles (which would be approx every 9 mont
  3. Guard mode sends you an alert on your phone everytime one of your car's doors are opened. Probably useful if you plan to leave it unused for a while and want to make sure no-one's got inside but not so useful if you're actively using your car and opening / closing each door 7 or 8 times a day (it generates a lot of alerts!).
  4. I had this on a Honda Civic once and the Honda dealer also said "yes, they all do that". In the end I took the units out, dried them out indoors and sealed around the clear front and opaque main sections with sealant, after which they never misted up again.
  5. I've got a late 2018 mk4 ecoboost and it's 18k miles or 24 months. Just a quick question about the "convenience check" - if I'm right, they don't actually change anything - no oil change, no brake fluid change, no filter change - so what do they do? I think I read that it also costs £149 - that's considerably more than a year's membership of Green Flag or any other breakdown service, so what actually is the benefit of having this convenience check done?
  6. Just wanted to add that it's also quite configurable - you can alter the amount of intervention the system applies through the settings on the dash menu; doing this you can go from a subtle vibration if you cross the lane markings to quite a hefty dose of steering assist if you wish. I actually quite like this turned all the way up where you can really feel it pull you into lane (which is surprisingly useful for helping to avoid accidently brushing against roadside foliage on tight, twisty country lanes).
  7. Most driving is done in Normal mode - I do occasionally use sport mode for driving around town (for better accelerator response) but 90% of the time is "Normal" as is 99.9% of motorway driving. I also sometimes use the cruise control on the motorway but not always (probably something like 30% cruise control and 70% my right foot) and again can say that I've never noticed any signs of the 3rd cylinder deactivate at any time, and I am quite demanding in what I expect from my car (hence it going back 4 times in a year and a half).
  8. No problem - it's the manual and it's the one with the reverse at the bottom right (apparently there are two different manual gear boxes in circulation - one with reverse at the top left and one with reverse at the bottom right).
  9. Just to add, I also have an early mk4 (68 plate) with the 1.0 ecoboost 125. I've had more than my fair share of other issues with this car (I think it's been back 4 times now for different things) I've never noticed this problem despite being quite a regular motorway driver - so it definitely seems to be something which affects some cars more than others.
  10. I've also got a similar spec'd Mk4 TX estate (but with a petrol engine) but came to it after driving an Audi A4 for nearly 10 years. The cars were very similar in size and convenience, with the focus having the upper hand in interior space (both for the driver and rear passengers). The tech on the Focus (especially with the many options that had been added) was more prominent but I'd say the build quality and refinement isn't quite as good - by all accounts Ford have upped their game in this area but I'd say it's still not quite up there with Audi, etc yet.
  11. Had it fixed at the dealers today- faulty o2 sensor apparently. I did ask specifically if the engine oil had been over filled at the service it had just under 2 weeks ago, and whether that would have resulted in the engine burning oil and sooting-up the sensor but was assured that was not the case - apparently the timing was just "one of those things".
  12. My engine warning light came on on the way home from shopping today and sent the message below to me via the FordPass app. I'll hopefully be able to phone my local garage tomorrow between Microsoft Teams meetings but wondered if people with experience of this car / engine (1.0l Ecoboost 125ps) think it's likely to be something genuine or just a momentary glitch in the system which has triggered a fault warning? Edit: should also add that the car had just its first service and oil change a week or so ago - just in case that relevant.
  13. I've been contemplating a remap myself and was wondering if there are any differences between the Mountune and Superchips remaps?
  14. I'll have a look at it over the weekend to see if it's got a part no / code on it anywhere and let you know.
  15. There should be a divider in that under floor section which splits it in 2 and also supports the floor. The small rubber mat fits in that first section while the roller cover fits in the second section when it's not being used.
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