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  1. I don't have a 2008 model, so this could be completely wrong but given physical access to the inside of the car through the physical key, would the thief then have access to the OBD port and from there be able to reinstate the keys that they have taken, to enable them to start the engine?
  2. Thanks for getting back about the window fix. Since I lubed the guides they seem fine but I'll keep an eye on them and if they slow down or get stuck again I'll ask for them to be done with my next service.
  3. Do you know what the window fix entailed? Mine used to get stuck but I found a quick squirt of silicone lubricant in the window guides sorted it - however if there's a "proper" fix I'd probably want to get that done when my car goes in for its 2 year service later in the year.
  4. Hi, I bought a mk4 Titanium X estate with that engine last summer, having come from a SEAT Exeo (rebadged Audi A4) 2.0 143 TDI. Since then I've done about 10,000 miles including family holidays full of kids and suitcases from the South East of England to Devon and also to the South of France. The engine has enough power to lug the family and all their stuff around motorways cruising quite happily at 80 MPH / 130 KPH and still have just enough in reserve to easily overtake when needed. It doesn't have the instant surge of power that the larger TDI engine had and the car is not as much fun or as rewarding to drive but it does a competent enough job. 0-30 acceleration from lights, etc is also not as immediate as the VW/Audi TDI but in sport mode is quick enough and lays the power down nice and effectivly with very well managed traction, keeping wheel spin to a minimum. 30-60 acceleration is all about being in the right gear - keeping it in lower gears for a little bit longer than you would with the TDI certainly perks the performance up a bit. MPG wise, on a long motorway cruise, heavily laden with wife, kids and all their gear, I will easily get 45-50 MPG but with more spirited driving around town with lots of acceleration and braking, I get something more like 35 MPG. Noise and comfort wise, it's a lot quieter than the VW / Audi TDI, as you would expect, but the 3 cylinder engine isn’t quite as smooth as the 4 cylinder, 2.0 litre petrol GTDI engine that I had in the Toyota Avensis prior to my SEAT, especially at lower revs. I hope all that helps, any more questions then please feel free to ask.
  5. I've got a Mk4 and will also be going to Europe this summer so I had a look on the Eurolites website (the people who make the deflector stickers) to see if the 2018-present Focus is listed on their fitting instructions and it is, so from that I'm assuming I need a set of deflectors.
  6. I got a similar estate a year ago - a new model (mk4) estate, 6 months old, TitX spec with a load of extras (HUD, park assist, smart cruise control, etc) already installed from Ford Direct. I don't remember having to buy it first though before they shipped it across from the other side of the country, although I did have to pay a deposit (I think it was £200 or something) which was refundable on test-driving (I guess that just stops people playing silly buggers and ordering cars and then never turning up). It's a good way to get a nearly new car for a lot less than the new price. I think I worked out that I saved about £10,000 on the new price which is a fair wedge! Ford Direct cars come with a 2 year warranty but since the new Focus has 3 years from first registration, you're covered by the remainder of that, you also get 2 years European breakdown assistance and the remainder of the 2 years live traffic info subscription. It's not the most exciting car to drive, hopefully your ST Line X will be a bit more fun, but it is very practical with loads of room up front, in the back and in the boot.
  7. I know what you mean - my previous car was a SEAT Exeo (rebadged Audi A4) that I'd bought from new. Had it for 9 years, got close to 100k miles without any problems and then suddenly all the wiring (and I mean ALL the wiring) started to disintegrate, apparently because the year I bought it was also the year that they changed over to biodegradable wiring! I was really gutted because it was a great car and one silly manufacturering decision meant that if I wanted to keep it running I'd have to replace all the wiring from one bumper to the other and everything in between!
  8. Hi, As on a previous post, I'll be going on a bit of a journey next week and I'm trying to get my car prepped before I go. So today I thought I'd check my spare wheel (space saver, T125 type) - the sticker on the inside of the driver's door says it should be inflated to 4.2 bar or 60 psi which seems like quite a lot (almost twice the pressure of the main wheels). Is this right?
  9. If it's any help, from memory, I think the system refers to Speed Cameras as "accident blackspots" rather than speed cameras, so you're looking for a setting that's labelled something along those lines.
  10. Actually found the answer myself after posting: https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/service-and-maintenance/service-promotions/castrol-products So I guess I want Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 5w-20
  11. Hi, I'm going on a long journey soon and want to top up my oil before I go (it's just on minimum). Does anyone know which oil (brand / product) the current Mk4s are filled with when they're built? It's due a full service in about 3 or 4 months so I don't want to do a full change, just a little top up, preferably with the same product that's already in there.
  12. Cheers, I'll give that a go. I did find a screw just under the speaker but I assumed there were more somewhere else.
  13. Yep, I think I've found it but it's inside the rear door and so I would need to get the door card off to have better look. I've looked on YouTube, etc but no-one's posted a video walkthrough of how to do this on a Mk4. Obviously I don't want to go breaking things and making them worse so I wondered if anybody on here has taken the door card off successfully.
  14. My car prior to this one was a VW Group one too, a SEAT Exeo (basically a rebadged Audi A4) and that was fine (well, except for the "diesalgate" cheat mode fiasco) until all the wiring rotted - apparently they switched to biodegradable wiring in 2011, the year my car was made. The car might not have been as technologically advanced as the Focus and had its inherent design flaws (ie. Biodegradable wiring and Emissions cheating software) but at least it was screwed together well.