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  1. That would also tally with my experience - the only time I've had this fault is when I started my car in the middle of a field which was being used as an over-flow carpark in the middle of nowhere.
  2. I've been having quite a lot of trouble with the front windows not closing. They get about one third up and then get stuck, and go down again. Usually after about 9 or 10 attempts it finally closes but it's becoming a bit of a nuisance now. The front, angled part of the window appears to get caught as it exits the door and goes into the upper frame. Has anybody else had this and is it an easy fix or do I need to book it in?
  3. Having had windows replaced before, my worry is that they'd muck it up or damage the paint and trim in the process.
  4. I sort of feel the same way. In my previous car I bought fitted shades that clipped inside the window frames and ended up removing the rear one because I found it a pain for night driving (it's always useful to get a good look at who's following you, especially at night - you don't want to get any unexpected blue lights flashing in your rear-view mirror).
  5. Just had a closer look at the tailgate fixings and I can't see any signs of them ever being undone (eg. chipped paint on the nuts, "shadow" to one side of the hinges where they have been replaced in a slightly different position than they were originally, etc) so I've still got no idea. I did take a copy of the dealer's video of the car before it was taken down so I'll have a look at that, see if it was always like that or replaced after the video was shot.
  6. Again, I considered that but the tailgate paint and the main body paint are an exact match even in bright sunlight and at all angles.
  7. It was bought 7 months old from a Trust Ford as a Ford Direct car. I've had a good look and I can't see any sign of being replaced in the past - the fitting is exactly centre, with no gaps, no paint or trim chips / scratches, the glass is Ford branded, etc so either they did a very good job of replacing it (better than any of the replacements I've ever had in the past) or it's a mis-build - personally I'm inclined to think it left the factory like this. Since I've had the car for 5 months now it's probably too late to do anything about it anyway.
  8. I've just noticed that my Mk4 Titanium X rear winscreen is different to others of the same spec. I have the rear privacy glass on the rear side windows (comes with Titanium X as standard) but the actual rear windscreen is not tinted. When I got the car, I just thought that this was how they came but having seen another car of the same spec in a car park, it now seems as though it's had the wrong rear windscreen fitted. I've checked the glass, it appears to be the original so I can only assume that either early models came like this or it's a factory error. To be honest, I'm not that bothered by it but am curious all the same. Any ideas?
  9. I noticed a similar thing on my Mk4 while parking on a wet road last week. As it's fine when be driven at normal speed and in normal weather I just put it down to a combination of the stability control system, steering correction system, low speed and the wet road
  10. Before my focus I had a SEAT Exeo (rebadged Audi A4) that took big side-on impact just after its first birthday. Although it was repaired by the insurance company with no quibbles, it was never the same and I'd actually wished that they had written it off.
  11. £43 wouldn't be too bad but they quoted me £105 when I've still got 20 months of my Ford Direct breakdown cover left and my car was supposed to have had a full inspection as part of the Ford Direct scheme when I bought it 4 months ago - so in this instance I do feel, more than slightly, that they were trying to "pull a fast one".
  12. Over the past couple of days I've received 6 phone calls from my local dealer trying to convince me that my soon to be 1 year old Focus mk4 (1.0 eco boost with just short of 8,000 miles on the clock) is due a service. Each time, I've replied that the published service intervals are 2 years/18,000 miles and that my oil condition sensor tells me that my oil condition is about 60%, and each time they still try to sell me the additional "check" for my own peace of mind. Am I being cynical? Is it the dealer trying to sell the unsuspecting public something they don't need? Or is it something I should consider (apparently it's just a check, no oils are changed)?
  13. The collision assist isn't brilliant is it?! Mine's always flashing red and warning me of my impending demise!
  14. On my mk4 125ps petrol estate (titanium x - just turned 7,000 miles on the clock) I'm averaging about 35mpg which is a little less than I was getting on my previous car (SEAT Exeo 2.0 143 TDI diesel - average about 39mpg) but better than my car before that (Toyota Avensis 2.0 D4 VVT-i GDI petrol - average 29mpg).
  15. Hi, I've had my mk4 for about 3 months now and in that time I've noticed "parking pilot malfunction" displayed on my dash on 2 or 3 occasions. The message never stays on for more than a second or so and everything seems to be working ok. The first time it happened it was raining and I put it down to the rain confusing the sensor but it happened again today in the dry. Is there anything to worry about or is this just something that happens occasionally?