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  1. Have you tried it and got a result? Yes I had same response from local for main agent.
  2. Multiple misfire Phonic wheel relearn Dash warning lights (Auto start-stop, EOBD injection system failure, Generic failure) later versions also have Tyre pressure low & Hill assist unavailable I believe. Hi all update from my previous posts. Daughter purchased a 2011 Ford KA June 2019. (Fiat based) In car history cambelt changer 2016 at a Ford main dealer. Soon after purchase the car would start to have a major misfire if on motorway / duel carriage way when cruising at about 2750 / 3000 rpm, 60 / 65mph. Pull off road switch car off and back on it runs fine until the cruise down the major road but it is random when the next episode will be. I suspect the car was sold with known fault or was a town car as very little miles since cambelt changed. I changed spark plugs and swapped coil pack and leads off another same year car I own but it still happened. Local garage code read P0300 (multiple misfire) P0302 cylinder 2 misfire detected and P0303 cylinder 3 misfire detected. Pointing to plugs, leads or coil pack, but they have already been changed. Spending ages on various forums I found quite a number of people reporting the same/similar issues but the threads all went cold without conclusion. Hence my update. Phonic wheel relearn. I found a comment about phonic wheel relearn. Reading through and learning about it, crank and cam sensor may be slightly out of timing / synchronisation (not a tooth out just the difference from one belt to another). Various possible ways to correct rev engine to 4000, 5000 or 6000 rpm 3 times letting it idle between revs. Some reports said it has to be plugged into a computer (Ford IDS software) and revved to do the relearn. So without the software I thought nothing to loose picked the middle one 5000 rpm and it seems to have worked. If you are having issues and don’t want to DIY I would suggest an independent Ford specialist but speak to them about phonic when relearn and ensure that they are aware of it / understand it. So many people have shelled out loads of cash on parts injectors, coil packs, spark plugs, HT leads ECU’s etc and still not had a result Thanks to Gary (ford owners club) Peter (Haynes Publishings)
  3. Hi Peter, good shout. I have a number of Mk2 KA's so will try one off another tomorrow.
  4. Hi all, got same issue on daughters car but cant find a definitive answer. spark plugs, coil pack and leads been changed no joy. briscaF1 if your still out there and have an answer please share. Thanks