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  1. I found the problem. Replaced the PCV(positive crankcase ventilation) vacuum valve and the short term fuel trim now has a constant wave within -8 and -18 and the HC emission value is 120. I have 2 holes on the exhaust, the mechanic said that if i replace it the emission will be good. Here is attached 2 images, one with PCV valve and one with emission test.
  2. Good question. The STFT with cold engine is positive and when the engine is warm goes down to negative. When the car is idle at 800 RPM the STFT is normal, when I press the gas pedal to 3000RPM the STFT goes down to -25%(only with warm engine). The injectors were took out and cleaned and tested and they are OK, but after the injector clean and test in the morning when I start the engine it dies after 4-5 seconds and the RPM goes up to 2000RPM and down a few times, only with cold engine.
  3. I replaced the FPR. Ofcourse it is a used FPR (because at the service could not order a new one), but the results are the same, and a FPR to get bad it is rare.
  4. The car got new: Bosch Distribution kit and water pump. Denso Iridium spark plugs. NGK spark plug cables. Delphi MAF sensor. The injectors were cleaned and tested, everything is fine with them. The situation is the same. There is no any error. The car runs very good. With cold engine the STFT varies between +10 and minus 10 and when the engine is warm the STFT goes down to -25 and stays there.
  5. One more thing. I don't know if it means something. When the car is not moving and I push the throttle pedal the STFT goes to -25%. When the car is moving and I accelerate the STFT is aligning with the LTFT near to 0 and stays there.
  6. I made some tests. 1) Removed the fuel tank cap, removed the return line from the FPR and I blew in the hose and I could hear the bubbling sound back at the tank. 2) Removed the vacuum hose from the FPR, started the engine and left it for a few minutes and no fuel comes out from the FPR. I think it means the FPR is good? 3) With the vacuum hose removed from the FPR and with engine on, when i put my finger on the vacuum hose the engine wants to die but suddenly goes on without dying. 4) My rear exhaust has a little hole. Drips out some water and petrol mixture. That hole can
  7. I downloaded the torque app and I could measure the long term fuel trim. Here are the results attached with STFT and LTFT. First picture with 800 RPM second picture with 4000 RPM. PS: The fuel pressure regulator before the injectors has a strange hissing noise. Is that normal?
  8. In the Forscan program could not find the long term fuel trim. My OBD does not have a CAN switch. Does it matter or not on reading the LTFT? The fuel consumption is reach and the car runs better, like it has more horsepowers. Sometimes, rarely, It has an error without the engine light on, P0460 - Invalid fuel tank level message from instrument cluster. This error can be cleared.
  9. I was today at the service and they located the hissing noise. It is the fuel pipe before the injectors. If they moved the pipe the sound changed. I attached a picture which pipe is it and where it was moved.
  10. If I put my hand on the throttle body, the engine dies immediately. If there would be a vacuum leak the engine should work on?
  11. I was at the service and they said that the hissing noise from the engine compartment is normal, it is the air that enters in the engine or something like that. I made a PCM adaption reset and here are some results.
  12. I see. I will try to localize the air leak. I hope the cat is still alive because it is an expensive stuff. 🙄 Thanks for your advises.
  13. The cat or maybe only the OS2?
  14. In the Forscan program there is only short term fuel trim. I could not find the long term fuel trim.
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