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  1. What Oil To Use In My 2010 Focus ? Help

    Since "Ford recommends" Castrol oil, you can check on their site as well by sticking your reg number in - http://www.castrol.com/castrol/sectionbodycopy.do?categoryId=9024084&contentId=7073092
  2. Speakers In 57 Plate Focus

    Thanks for the replies all. I suspect the one in the front passenger door is knackered - can't handle even the slightest bit of bass, so I've had to adjust the balance to the right and take all the bass off the stereo - which aint good if you love the bass up in your music as I do ;-p Think this is something I will look at again after Christmas spending is out of the way... Thanks again Mike
  3. Greetings I'm thinking of upgrading my speakers and I'm trying to find out the spec of the factory ones in my 5-dr Zetec, by which I mean, brand, size, wattage I'm right in thinking there is one in each door and 2 tweeters in the door mirror areas? I don't really want to have to pull off door trims to have a look, but obviously I need to know spec so I can get better/proper replacements Can't find this info anywhere on the internet or in manuals, so I hope someone can help! Thanks Mike
  4. I think owner's manuals always exaggerate these sort of things
  5. Id go with that - changed my fuel filter and starting was vastly improved
  6. I've read somewhere (and I can't remember where) the glow plug indicator lamp should always go out after about 1-2 secs; this engine is supposedly designed to start well in the cold Have you checked your battery?? Might be struggling for juice to turn the engine over. Or try "cycling" the glow plugs 2 or 3 times and see if that makes a difference
  7. Antifreeze and Oil question

    I would never buy Halfrauds own brand stuff...worth paying for decent oil imo - my 1.8 Duratorq needs 5.6 l (!) which cost me about £47 to get 2 x 4l Castrol bottles Also, try Ford for a filter - I was pleasantly surprised I got one from them for £8 - which is cheaper than Halfrauds (about £10) and Champion (where I live anyways) Always best to change oil/filter yourself if you can, then at least you know youve done a proper job and what oil/filter has been used - Im sure your Haynes manual will say changing the oil frequently is the best thing you can do for your engine!!
  8. Gearknob options for a Mk1 focus?

    Bob The "officially licensed" Ford accessories range by Richbrook has the above mentioned gear knobs - they look the dog's in my opinion, but beware fitting issues - the thread in the knob is too long to fit the gear stick properly - if tightened all they way down, you cant get reverse on the lift type sticks - I had to chock mine up to get it to bite earlier. And they seem to scratch easily Here is the link: http://www.dcp-shop.co.uk/buy-car-accessor...oducts_id=19091 Having thought about it though, it looks like they took my review off for this knob - Im considering they have gave me the wrong, non-lift type knob... I got the handbrake (but not from here) as well and that looks quality
  9. Battery voltage issues

    Back again with another issue!! Was in Ford (for something else yesterday) and had a battery reading of 12.18v - checked it this morning and it was 12.03 v. Started the car and the needles twitched before starting - at normal idle the voltage started creeping up, but as soon as I put heaters, radio , lights on the voltage started dropping like crazy - went to about 10 (and dropping) before battery warning light came on on the dash I switched everything off and the voltage crept back up to about 12 (with just lights on) Since it was just me, couldnt really measure it as fast idle Looks like battery is not holding its charge fully - or could be an alternator issue?
  10. Newbie

    I personally think the basic alloys you get "as standard" are pretty decent. Need to get mine tarted up a bit though as they've seen better days...
  11. Tyres worn on the inside

    Piggy, still on the same tyres when bought (and they certainly looked like new tyres then) - the rest of the tread on both is fine - had it for around 6 months. Im wondering if this problem was there when I bought it - impossible to say if its ever had an alignment done - I would hazard a guess "no" is the answer if pushed however...
  12. Got some fairly serious wearing on the inside of my front tyres (as in probable MOT fail) The wear is pretty even on both. Took it to !Removed! (Kwik) Fit for a free check, and the young lad there said there were no problems with alignment. Not sure Im convinced though The suspension looks in good shape, so Im thinking it may be a negative camber issue - can this be easily adjusted on a Mk1 Focus?? Am trying to get a 4 wheel alignment check sorted as a "second opinion" Any thoughts?? Cheers Mike
  13. Starting issue

    Hmm, and I dont suppose Ford would run a diagnostic check free of charge??
  14. Starting issue

    As far as I can tell it goes OK - still responsive on acceleration It was drained by a local garage - not sure what quality of diesel was put in, but it was half a tank's worth I since filled up @ Shell, so the "bad" stuff should be out of the system now, plus it still starts no problems when engine is warmed up I would like to think the petrol was not in long enough to havwe a chance to wear anything down!!
  15. Starting issue

    Greetings all - first time poster here Rather embarrassingly I put petrol in my 1.8 TDCi a couple of weeks; only realised after driving a mile and a bit Got it drained and the car runs OK so touch wood no injector issues Thing is, now it struggles to start in the cold, whereas before it's always been a great starter. It actually turns over and starts first time, but unless you give it plenty of revs, it just immediately cuts out We've changed the glow plugs and tested the circuits and all OK. As I said we don't think it's the injectors as once it starts, it runs fine (no smoke), and when the engine is warm, it starts almost instantly with no problems I know the fuel filter was not changed when the petrol was drained - could this be an issue?? Or it could jut be co-incidence with the cold weather coming (only got it May so no real experience starting in cold) Holding the clutch in on start up (as per the owner's manual's advice) actually alleviates the problem slightly Sorry for the long email! Thanks Mike