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  1. Thanks so much @AR7530v6. Yeah that looks and sounds exactly like what im dealing with. Haha yeah as fun a game as it may be at times, I think its best I get the soldering iron out. Do you have any tips/tricks/guidance on the best way to get at the PCB?
  2. So the verdict is that at 1100rpm the battery is at 14.46V, and 14.48V at 2000rpm. Within spec by the sounds of it.
  3. Hi Unofix. Thanks very much what a fantastic answer. The car has been sat for a couple of days and the battery is reading 12.45V. Ill have to wait for the other half to get home before I can do a fast idle test.
  4. Thanks. I assume that the battery is as old as the car is. However the garage supposedly tested the battery when it last went in for an MOT at the end of last year and they say its fine. I havent checked any fault codes.
  5. Great thanks very much, I suppose thats relatively good news. Im not sure my soldering skills are good but I can have a go at least. Would this be causing the non starting issues though?
  6. Hello All, For a few months my 2008 Focus has refused to start (no starter activation at all) and the dash will show the 'Engine Malfunction' warning, with the solution being to jump the car. To begin with this was extremely rare, so I put it down to the battery being old. However, recently it has been happening more frequently, and at times the engine malfunction warning would appear even when the car starts successfully. I also discovered that I could solve the issue by waiting, for some reason even after not starting the car would sometimes start. This all culminated recently wher
  7. Great thanks both. I can't believe I missed the option to select grommets when I looked on the hel site.
  8. Hi, I need to replace the flexible brake hoses on my 2008 Focus Zetec. I feel like i might aswell upgrade to braided lines (Ive been recommended Hel) but it seems braided hose does not come with the rubber mounting 'grommets' that the OEM hoses do. Can i just ignore the OEM brackets when I install the braided lines? Thanks.
  9. Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a 2008 Focus Zetec 1.6 Petrol, and as a bit of a petrol head I would like to know detailed information / specification about the car and components. Things as detailed as what the engine is and its optimum rev ranges for power / efficiency. Details of the suspension and brakes. Transmission specification etc. I have had a look around for this information and have struggled to filter through all of the various variants that my car might correspond to, and sort through the conflicting information about them. Could any of you help me out, and eve
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