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  1. So, this morning my car would not start. Tried it a few times, including on my portable car starter battery incase my own battery did not have enough power. Eventually, after reading around on the web, I found out that I need to check for air in the fuel lines... I pumped the primer bulb and yes, there was a load of air in it. I kept pumping until no more bubbles. I tried again and still not starting. Have I tried too many times with air in the system and thus broken it?
  2. That was the solution i was starting to think about... Until I realised that I am a forgetful idiot! I 'knew' it was not a fuse problem as I had already checked all the fuses that were present. But...I forgot that I had moved a fuse to check a different issue, and not put it back. Thank you everyone for your help and sorry for wasting peoples time 😞
  3. So, hitting it did nothing! So, I took the panel off, using the below video as a guide... Yes, it does have two bulbs, not LEDs, but they are not removable. Perhaps something about the panel is broken? Replacing is, physically easy, and the part is only £40*. But...apparently, replacing will require re-doing the immobiliser, and so actually it will cost more hundreds! (as in, more then I paid for the car!) I certainly can't afford that, nor afford to be a replacement car. *"only" £40! that's a lot for me, but not much compared to the re-programming cost!
  4. Thank all, Mine's the 6, not the 6.5 I've not spotted a dimmer, and Googling has not revealed one. If it's a bulb that needs replacing... I've tried Googling for where to get a replacement, but failed so far! There is a list somewhere on here of bulb IDs, but does not include the dash
  5. Last night, when driving home, the light on my speedometer and rev meter would not come on when I turned my headlight on. I checked the fusebox in the glove box and all the fuses labeled with a bulb or picture of a speedo were intact. The lights for fuel and temp were fine. Any ideas?