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  1. Just checked this morning still no maps available.
  2. That's about 20 minutes from when I uploaded the XML file still no maps.
  3. Just checked my VIN and the update was available. Downloaded and installed no maps available yet.
  4. I got another email from the Executive office today saying my dealer will have to apply the Sync update and F9 maps. My Focus is booked in for it's first service in October so I will get it added to the list of updates to be applied and report back then..
  5. I received a reply yesterday afternoon, just saying this will be reviewed and they will keep me informed and of any release dates. So really we are no further forward.
  6. I just emailed the Executive office again asking when the update will be rolled out, Its three months since my last email to them on this subject..
  7. I followed your instructions and have now seen this warning message, pity it did not show a warning message when it turns its self off.
  8. They service technicians say it should take no more than three days but they have had problems with the Ford servers in the past with updates. They booked my car in for five days so I can have a courtesy car for five days if the updates overrun. I have never seen the warning message in dmizz93 post, must be only one I haven't seen 😁
  9. This This is just a workaround not a solution. I will turn off the Auto Hold function and ask Ford for a refund for another feature that does not work along with the Sync 3 problems and lack of updates, out of date maps, front and rear heated windows not working, keyless entry not working both because of battery charge level, Emergency call system errors, park assist errors. My Focus is going in for its first service in October they have booked it in for five days to apply all updates. Will it cure all my problems on past experience I doubt it.
  10. For me the Auto Hold function is a great feature when it works but because of the intermittent nature of the problem it constitutes a safety problem. I switch it on and expect it to work I don't expect it to switch itself off without my intervention, because of the location of the switch in the centre console you don't realise its off of until you roll back or forward at a junction. For me this is not a "non problem" and I just wish some of the motoring press would highlight all the problems Mk4 owners are having and the apparent inability of Ford Europe to correct the problems in a timely manner.
  11. Having never had Sat Nav built in before I just assumed that map updates would occur every quarter like TomTom etc.
  12. In my experience Ford customer services in the UK and the US don't really care.
  13. Actually, you are not far wrong with 36 months. I collected my Focus Mk4 in November 2018 with F6 maps, the Queensferry Crossing opened in September 2017 the crossing is on the maps but there is no approach roads north and south and the Sat Nav is directing you across the now closed Forth Road bridge. I installed the Sync and maps update in May 2019 to 3.3 and F7 but the Queensferry crossing is still without approach roads and the Forth Road Bridge is still the preferred route! So here we are in August 2020 still waiting for Sync 3.4 and F9 maps that are probably out of date and really F10 should be the latest version. So thanks Ford UK for all your help.
  14. You are missing Gilli's point the Auto Hold function turns off for no reason and is very intermittent and you cant rely on it. It drives me mad!!!!