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  1. Rear Speakers

    Well at last I have fitted rear speakers in my 3 door Zetec, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! So if you have any thoughts, about doing it its worth it. Firstly the cables and plug were already there, but you will need screws and clips. What I did find though that bot my rear panels were loose as there are so many clips missing. Cant think of anyone else taking them off, guess someone at the factory couldn't be too arsed. Still another job, on a warmer day.
  2. Those Rear speakers again

    Well having taken off the rear panel [in my 3 door Zetec] I can confirm that the wires are there, stuck to the body. So off to Halfords, where I was told we dont have speakers to fit that car. So I thought B****** to you then and went to FORD [Dagenham Cars in Hounslow, where I was told Ford speakers are ...............wait for it £23 each [ or £46 the pair] State the obvious £150 to fit them, when I said I could do that they told me it would affect the warranty £70 [or so] to re-program the computer to tell it I have new speakers/ So Total is £243 to fit 2 Ford speakers. Words fail me, and the way things are going I shall be returning to Renault who seemed to have sorted out their in car stuff.
  3. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Driving around the North circular in the rush hour my 1.4 diesel is giving me about 48 /50. On a run at 70mph I'm getting about 55. I had a Renault Megane cc 1.6 Petrol and that did 34mpg in town and 42 on a run, so I'm saving a bit, but of course the megane was a much higher spec. Even had nice speakers IN THE BACK !!!
  4. Why park next to me?

    On saturday i went to my local shopping centre in Kew, and parked on my own at the end of an empty line. 5 minutes later I came out and a huge Merc estate was parked so close I couldn't get in by the drivers door!! and there were SIX empty spaces on the other side of them. AND How did they get out of the car?? She must have made Beckams missus look obese!! PS Avoid ANY car that has a child seat, or one of those stupid signs in the back,they're the ones that do the damamge
  5. Mee too 3 door March 09 3 lines
  6. Fiesta 09 - ipod display

    this is a guess but under the car settings menu it does say "Display" try that bit it might allow you to change the size of the text
  7. the No back Speaker again

    Yes its the Griffin one, but mine was awful until I got a new cable and its brill!!
  8. fiesta tdci starting problems

    I think it is fitted with Glow plugs that warm the injectors, and thay will have a fuse. check to see if the fuse is ok. It will tell you in the handbook where it is
  9. the No back Speaker again

    Well i went to a Ford dealership at the week end to ask about speakers for the rear of my Zetec [7]. They told me that the wires were not in place AND that it was an awkward and blood difficult job. Does anyone know this??? Or were they just giving me the "its not worth it mate" bit. to be honest given the price of the car they should be fitted with complete surround sound and a sub. Has anyone on here put some in?? and perhaps can give me some advice? On another note I bought a Road Pilot for the i pod, at first it was picking up every electrical thing in the car. wipers, indicators, brake lights. Dont worry if yours does this, because the wire to the Aux input is too thin and not shielded enough. I went too Maplins where they do a cable that is thicker, and it works a treat!!
  10. Manual

    thanks mate!!
  11. Manual

    Hi everyone. Just a quickie [ not now Vicar] does anyone know where I can download a manual? I have the handbook but need to know where some fuses go. It gives numbers in the hand book, but I cant see the numbers on the block [ behind the glove box]. I think my cigar lighter's blown. [or is smeone going to tell me its not wired up in the Zetec? :P
  12. Stolen

    Really sorry. The problem is in this country we are too soft on criminals. and the police are not really interested either. Well I am hoping for you that its just round the corner, and undamaged, but its unlikely. :(
  13. Cold breeze !?

    Interestingly my last car a Renault Megane CC did this ALL the time, corners, roundabouts, when ever you were not in a straight line you could feel a cool breeze, haven't noticed this in the fiesta [Yet]
  14. griffin ipod auto pilot

    I have bought the Griffin pilot for £19 !! great idea, thanks.
  15. griffin ipod auto pilot

    Where did you get that cradle??