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  1. Sometimes. There was one point where I pulled into some services on the motorway and got out for 5 minutes. When I rejoined the motorway it had full power, but a few minutes later it lost it again. There were no warning lights on the dash when this happened, it just felt like I had lifted off the the throttle when I hadn't. Other times though it just seemed like it was gutless from the start of the drive. Sometimes the engine management warning light came on and sometimes it didn't. Can't help with that unfortunately, the dealer did all repairs under warranty so I didn't see the
  2. Update: I wrote to the dealer saying I wanted to reject the car. They phoned me to discuss and wanted to look at the car again (understandably I guess). I was going on holiday but left the keys with a neighbour and they picked it up. I've now got back from holiday and the car was back in the drive, with a note from the dealer. The vacuum pump has been replaced and it apparently drives perfectly. The dealer has questioned if the turbo even needed to be replaced, but that's not my problem... It does make sense that the vacuum pump could have been the cause, meaning the turbo was
  3. Well, I plugged the ODB2 reader into the car and drove it around for a bit, and there are a whole bunch of codes showing. Furthermore while driving it around, the engine fault warning came on again. I need to spend some time looking up all these codes, but from what I can see so far one of them is engine overboost, and one of them is turbocharger wastegate solenoid A malfunction. So seems there is still something wrong with the turbo. Current drive cycle: C0840 (06) C0740 (00) B1440 (00) B1440 (21) C2240 (01) C2240 (01) Others: P0040 (21) P004
  4. I didn't hear or feel anything that noticeable. I was holding the pedal steady and it just felt like I had lifted off slightly, and then from that moment on it was back to being slow and unresponsive. It feels sort of like only the first half of the accelerator pedal travel does anything and pressing it any harder makes no difference at motorway speeds. The engine generally feels smooth and it's very quiet inside the car. I have ordered a code reader from amazon so will see what that says. In the meantime I have just sent a letter to the dealer...
  5. Yes, that's what I'm thinking. They've actually had the car back twice if you count the first time where they claimed there was nothing wrong. I think overall I have had the car in my possession less than 30 days if you stop the clock when the dealer had it back, so I still have the short term right to reject. I need to check all the dates and write a letter...
  6. Well, I got the car back on Friday last week. It seemed OK around town, but I wanted to give it a drive on the motorway before passing judgement. This weekend I needed to make a long trip so this was an opportunity to test it properly. Unfortunately not good news - it's still not driving properly. Still struggling to hold 70/80 on uphills, barely any acceleration even dropping down to 4th. Bizarrely, at one point after I had stopped at a services, the car felt normal for about 5 minutes. Plenty of power and I accelerated to nearly a ton going uphill. I could feel the power, especial
  7. Got bad news and good news. The bad news - the replacement recirc valve didn't fix the problem. The dealer got the car back and it was apparently running completely different to before, but then the dealer drove it down the road to test it out and the problem happened again. Back it went to the Ford specialist, and they realised the entire turbo needed to be replaced. So I am still without the car. The good news - when I get the car back later (hopefully later this week) it'll have a brand new Ford turbo in it...
  8. The Ford specialist has now looked at it and diagnosed the issue as a split diaphragm on the turbo recirc valve. Surprise surprise, it's not just my imagination, there's a problem with the turbo as I suspected! Waiting for the part to be delivered and fitted and will hopefully get my car back in full working order later this week. Looking forward to seeing how its actually meant to drive with a working turbo!
  9. Thanks Gavin - interesting, hadn't thought of the cat as a potential cause. The dealer has booked it into a Ford garage next week so I'll have to wait til then, but thanks all for your replies - I'm not going to accept being told there's nothing wrong with it!
  10. Thanks both. Mike, the garage didn't mention checking for any stored codes, but hopefully that's one of the first thing the ford garage will do. I think the towbar may be aftermarket rather than factory fitted as it looks quite different to the one in the owners manual. So that's something worth looking into.
  11. Hi all, I've typed out an introduction here which has ended up being quite long, so if you want to skip it scroll down to 'Problem' below for the reason I'm posting... I've been driving Fords for most of my driving career - I started with a Fiesta, I had an Escort at one point and more recently I've owned two Ford Focus Mk1s (post facelift), the first a dark grey 1.8 petrol LX and the second a silver 1.6 petrol Zetec. Both of them I owned for about 3 years and did about 20,000 miles with very little mechanical issues other than normal service items. Great cars, drive really well. I a
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