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  1. Baild


    It's been a few weeks but thought i would share an update. I went to see a guy called Simon in Evans Halshaw Preston who arranged for the map to be taken off. Instantly the problem went away. A week later i went back and the map was reinstalled. As soon as i pulled out the car park, guess what? The problem was back. It's now had a new MAF, MAP, plugs and coil packs. Nothing has made a difference. To be fair to both Mountune and Simon, they've both been extremely helpful and neither can understand whats going on. The MR165 makes a huge difference but the car just hasnt taken to it. The power delivery is no longer smooth and the hesitation/stumbling has got to a point where i'm starting to resent the car and don't want to drive it. I'm all out of ideas with the exception of the TPS and the boost pressure sensor.... but where does it end if it isn't one of them? With that in mind, i've asked for the map to be taken back off and it will be just left at that. No.1 lesson learnt? If you want a car with a bit more poke... buy a faster car!
  2. I changed over to Greenlight a couple of months ago and my policy has been cancelled! A 'signed for' letter was delivered last week, but working away i only got the Royal Mail card today. Just been to pick it up and it's from Greenlight saying my policy was being cancelled from yesterday! Its been paid on time and other than asking for proof of no claims (which i sent), i've had nothing from them! I've just put a quote through on compare the market and my policy is now double!! Bad times i tell ya!
  3. Nah, not yet mate. I'm working in Cumbria and the car is over in the North East. It's the one with the red LCD. Thanks
  4. Morning all, I've got a 57 plate 1.8 tdci and it's just done something a bit random. Driving along, suddenly the back lights and LCD screen on the instrument cluster all go out and the temp guage falls to zero, but the rev counter and speedo still work. A couple of minutes later, it comes back to life with the airbag fault light staying on until the car has been restarted. Am i right in thinking the cluster is potentially goosed?
  5. Was wondering whether there's anyone with a 1.0 Ecoboost and has the MR165 Mountune map installed in the North East?.. i could do with your help. Thanks! Dean
  6. Was wondering whether there's anyone with a 1.0 Ecoboost and has the MR165 Mountune map installed in the North West?.. i could do with your help. I'm in Barrow/Preston with work, but Carlisle etc. would work too. Thanks! Dean
  7. Quick update for you, i'm still waiting for mine to be done (due this Friday), but been speaking to the dealer today. Apparently there are two options.. Option 1. Nice, quick and straight forward. Your car has an update available that they can install and it will simply overwrite the remap. Guessing you can tell on ETIS whether you are pending an update. Option 2. All available updates have already been installed, so they have to rebuild the PCM(?) by module. Takes a bit longer and it's more involved but you end up with the same outcome. I suppose the ££ for this depends on how long it takes, luckily i've been able to get the charge waivered.
  8. Keep an eye on the thread mate over the next few days. Im about to get a dealer to remove Mountune and put it back to stock.
  9. Baild


    So plugs and fitting the Mountune hard pipe didn't make a bit of difference, although a few other things have happened. My mates had his Ecoboost remapped elsewhere and never had any problems, and while we were out the other day i noticed he doesnt have an Eco button, whereas i do. With that on, mine seems a lot more settled. Not 100%, but a lot better. Today i went out with the Torque app running and noticed two things. The Throttle position seems to 'idle' at 15.6%, i was expecting it to be zero. Presume this is right, just not what i was expecting. One other thing that seemed strange was the MAF readout. Seems very erratic, especially when the car started surging. Was anywhere between 1.x and upto 19.x The revs never flucuated, neither really did the vacuum readout.
  10. Baild


    Quick update on this.. New plugs fitted - no change Used a mates car as a temp donor and his coil packs/MAF sensor make no difference. A dealer has checked over all the hoses and can't see any splits etc. so i guess that pretty much leaves the map. Back to Mountune i go. Looks like a trip to Essex might be in order 😞
  11. Baild


    Really? I'll have a look tomorrow! Thanks pal!
  12. Baild


    I also think its the map, but unfortunately i can't seem to convince the people it matters! To be fair to them, they have been helpful but i'm at a bit of a dead end.... i'm just praying it's not literally 'ruined' something and knackered what was a decent car!
  13. Baild


    Aye, had everything on the car for at least a month with zero problems. I then had the intercooler fitted, drove 70 odd miles up the M6, again with no issues. As soon as i got home that night i put the map on and the problem instantly appeared. I've had the battery off. Even tried the 'learning reset' on the Cobb handset but nothing makes a difference. All i can think of is getting the map taken off at Ford, but Gawd knows how much that will cost me! Mountunes position at the minute is hardware issue... but i can't see how it would be. The hard pipe from the charge kit is all i'm missing but again, i can't see how the stock version would cause all this aggro!
  14. Baild


    Coil packs maybe??
  15. Baild


    Called them this morning and at first they thought it might be as simple as the firmware on handset been out of date.. but it wasn't. I've gone back over everything and theres's nothing loose or out of place. The only thing they're not sure about is the hard pipe on charge kit. I dont have it... but it comes when you buy the full MR165 kit (i did it in stages). Maybe that will be it.. but im gonna fit some new plugs until they're back in stock, under the illusion that will fix everything.... Other than the above, Mountune have offered to take a look at the car, but being in the North West it's a bit of a hike!