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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've had a week from hell and not had chance to get back on here any sooner. Looks as though September is sorted though. Wales it is. Just need the weather to hold out! I'm working in Cumbria at the minute (Barrow) and it's awful!
  2. People who insist it's lunch and dinner when it should be dinner and tea 🤪
  3. Got a week off soon and thinking of going all bear grylls and getting the tent out. Anyone been to Wales/Scotland? Any preference?
  4. Baild

    Knock knock

    Thanks Blatto, thought as much. It's booked in at the dealer next week now. Would probably bet my next months wage on them coming back with "i'm sorry sir, they all do that..." 😡
  5. Evening all. 2017 1.0 ecoboost and its suddenly started doing this after a run out... i cant remember whether it did it before, but at idle in neutral the gearstick seems to have a wobble on too! Having the clutch in/out or in/out gear doesnt seem to make a difference. Surely this isn't normal?.... is it?.. Cheers!
  6. Evening all. Just thought i'd introduce myself and say hi. I'm Dean from Hartlepool, looking forward to getting to know people on here. Not long had my Fiesta ST line. Waiting for the weather to shape up so it can get Mountuned.. went to Ford Fair last weekend, got all the bits and MR165 ready and waiting. Have many questions for everyone but i'll settle in and have a mooch about the forum first. Ta