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  1. Well good point, I've used some of Wilcos guides before and they have been very detailed but I still wasn't expecting it haha
  2. Wasn't expecting it to be as detailed as that! Thank you Wilco.
  3. Hi Wilco, Hope you enjoyed the sun! Was you able to put together some screenshots of the UCDS clone?
  4. I would start by looking at this thread if your coolant level has dropped.
  5. Out of curiosity, could a custom image be loaded on?
  6. Just tried myself too and seems fine now. Thanks again Wilco
  7. Thanks Wilco, very much appreciated!
  8. Hi Wilco, I am looking for the latest ones for a MK 3, level 3 cluster. I believe they are the following: BM5T-14C026-BBG BM5T-14C026-ACE BM5T-14C026-AFH CM5T-14C318-AE
  9. For anyone wondering, it appears that the website isn't working for downloading the firmware. Saw this post on the Forscan site which says it doesn't appear to be. https://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=15047
  10. Thanks, will try again. I have tried chrome, edge and Firefox but will try another.
  11. Has anybody tried downloading the firmware for the cluster lately? I was going to update mine as I've got a new adapter on the way but any file I download from the tech service website does not appear to download correctly?
  12. I was fortunate that I was able to get them off the car before I removed the caps. Eventually I'll replace them but not sure what with yet.
  13. Had the same on my MK3. They did have the caps which I've now removed from the front ones, not yet replaced them though
  14. Yep, check out Tom's tips in my thread. Very helpful even though there was nothing apparent with mine, it's dried out and not come back yet.
  15. @JW1982, sorry I have another question! I am planning to update my IPC with the following: BM5T-14C026-BBG BM5T-14C026-ACE BM5T-14C026-AFH CM5T-14C318-AE I understand that it is the pictures one that takes the bulk of the time to update, is there any risk in updating the other parts and leaving the pictures one until later when I have a faster device or will it cause issues? Thanks again!