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  1. Isn't the focus MK2 an H7 fitting and not H4?
  2. Same for me and my 63 plate. Not had the same yet on my partners 14 plate. Ford stuck mine back on free of cost the first time round but when it came unstuck again and they wanted to charge me. Ended up taking it it to my brothers bodyshop, cleaning up the underside and sticking it back on myself with some double-sided tape. So far so good.
  3. @Phil21185, received the module yesterday, thanks very much! Now to actually fit it all before her indoors starts asking me why I've not fitted it all to her car yet...
  4. Is the boot/spare wheel wet? If so could be water getting in behind the air vents behind the rear bumper. I would imagine if left for long enough in the rain etc then enough would get in to get into the cabin
  5. Thanks very much Phil. Should be fine, it's for a 2014 that has sync 1.1 too so can't see any problems. Now to fix the water ingress at the same time!
  6. That particular one is in my watch list haha. Sent you a PM!
  7. Thank you, I've seen a few DV4T ones advertised as having been removed from a MK3 focus but cannot find much about them. I'll keep an eye out for a BM5T one instead
  8. Hi all, I'm going to be fitting rear sensors only soon and just need the module, been reading through the guide and just wanted to check as couldn't see anything definitive. Will a module with model number DV4T-15K866-AK work for the MK3?
  9. My understanding is that while the updated design is better than previous, it isn't perfect and they do still deteriorate. From reading other posts, the facelift model hasn't had any issues with the hose due to the new design and removal of the T section. I have changed one of my ecoboosts over to the MK3.5 design for peace of mind despite there being no obvious problem with the hose I removed and the other will soon be following.
  10. Is it still the case of only being able to adjust the mileage upwards with focccus/IDS? I'm thinking of carrying this out of my two cars and one of the clusters I have seen for sale, the seller is apparently unaware of the mileage.
  11. Answered my own question, tried it and appears to be working perfectly. Am I right in thinking that I need to change the fascia? My searching skills are not doing very well!
  12. Ahh thank you. So if the cmax it came from had SYNC then it won't be compatible or am I misreading?
  13. Another question on this one too, I've found a DM5T-18B955-GC display. Would this one be suitable? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi all, I have a pair of Mk3 Pre-facelift Focuses which I would like to upgrade the basic radio display but struggling with part numbers. One is DM5T-18B955-BC and the other is BM5T-18B955-BE. Would one with part number EM5T-18B955-JB work or does it have to match the start of the current? Swap BM5T for another BM5T and same for the DM5T? Thanks in advance!