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  1. May be worth asking the seller but whether they'll be able to explain or not I'm not sure. I took a quick look at the MOT history and the September 2011 MOT, the tester has input 'no odometer' so no mileage recorded and that's why it's showing up. Link below for the MOT history, hopefully it works https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/?_ga=2.235295809.1178683275.1581751897-333997556.1576794997
  2. The display about the radio is easy enough to change, just make sure you get one that starts with the same part number as currently fitted is my understanding. So if your display starts AM5T then need one that starts the same, if it is BM5T then get a BM5T etc. I've done it myself on mine and my partners cars replacing the basic one with the 4.2" display. Depending on what display you get, you may find that you end up with a gap around edge of the display and the fascia, I got some pieces of perspex cut to the shape of the hole to cover the gap. Same for the speedo, it is easy enough to change but as Tom mentions, the mileage will need adjusting and can only be adjusted upwards, also need to make sure you don't get one from a facelift model.
  3. I'm not sure yet but I may be passing Basildon on my way back from upminster Sunday evening. If you haven't got them sorted by then and I am passing by, I'm happy to swing by and activate it for you.
  4. Focccus can be downloaded from http://ford.xtlt.ru/FoCCCus/FoCCCus_0.8.6.zip Would be a good idea to download Forscan at the same time as it can read fault codes and clear them etc. https://forscan.org/download.html Cable wise, Tunnelrat seems to be the most recommended one. I myself got a cable from eBay and works fine. What area of Essex are you located?
  5. The car needs to be programmed to recognise the sensors. The 'how to activate' section in the first post of the guide details how to do it. You will need an ELM327 cable and the focccus software to do it. Until it's activated in the central config of the car they won't work.
  6. I've yet to face this problem on my Focus but have seen it mentioned a few times. From what I've read it can be triggered by low battery voltage so possibly a fault somewhere along that side of things but I have also read that the EPS module on the power steering rack fails which would mean a replacement rack. There's a company that sells re-manufactured racks for around £400 but the name escapes me at the moment. Searching around on the forum should bring up a few topics on this.
  7. Didn't think about BCM versions, wonder if it could be that!
  8. Nope, neither of them have auto lights. Was one of the things I looked for! Only 3 positions on the switch
  9. Wonder if anyone can shed some light on this, just more out of curiosity than anything else. My partner and me both have Zetec Ecoboosts, both the same spec as far as I can tell. Mine is a 63 plate and hers is a 14 plate. On her one, she leaves the headlight switch in the on position all the time and doesn't turn them off. When switching the car off and opens the door the headlights just go off. On mine if I do exactly the same, I get a chime telling me that I've left the lights on. A brief look through the settings and forscan on both cars and I cannot see a reason for this difference? Anybody have any ideas? 😊
  10. Is there any water underneath the spare wheel? Water tends to get in round the air vents behind the rear bumper. Bumper needs taking off and the vents sealed up to solve it so would be the first place I would check.
  11. Isn't the focus MK2 an H7 fitting and not H4?
  12. Same for me and my 63 plate. Not had the same yet on my partners 14 plate. Ford stuck mine back on free of cost the first time round but when it came unstuck again and they wanted to charge me. Ended up taking it it to my brothers bodyshop, cleaning up the underside and sticking it back on myself with some double-sided tape. So far so good.
  13. @Phil21185, received the module yesterday, thanks very much! Now to actually fit it all before her indoors starts asking me why I've not fitted it all to her car yet...
  14. Is the boot/spare wheel wet? If so could be water getting in behind the air vents behind the rear bumper. I would imagine if left for long enough in the rain etc then enough would get in to get into the cabin