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  1. Need to replace both rear shock absorbers on my mk2 hatchback. I have seen different types of mounting e.g. bottom eye, top pin OR bottom eye, top eye. Does anyone know what mounting is has? Also is it good practice to replace the shock mounting strut while I'm at it. Many thanks
  2. Hi, On my mk2 Focus duratec dipstick there is faint trail of oil that goes above the max line. However there is a dark patch that is just above the minimum mark. Where should I be reading from? Picture attached. Not experienced in this stuff so thanks! Picture here
  3. I have same problem on my mk2. By window tracks do you mean along the rubber seal where the window comes up/down through?
  4. I've seen videos of people adding boot strut with springs on that open the boot automatically when boot button pressed. Does anyone know how to make them, or what size springs are needed. I've found these which are a good price but heard they break? And rattle easily Also found these German ones at 3 times the price but work well. So just wondering if anyone can help with making them or if anyone have had experience with the cheaper ones. Thanks
  5. Hi, I want to fit a mk2.5 instrument cluster to my mk2. My car has around 50,000 miles which I believe is below average. Im finding it difficult to find one around the same miles or less. Is there absolutely no way to lower the miles read on the instrument cluster? Or do you have to go to a specialist. Thanks much,
  6. Thanks Again although I'm not too worried about a screen. I was sticking to Ford units as I wanted to keep the column controls. I'm not sure what aftermarket unit allows you to keep them, let alone what adapter etc I would need. I have seen a few posts about keeping the controls but I'm not an expert. Bluetooth + column controls is my goal so will have a look at 7018b
  7. Will have a look although they are a little more expensive. Do all the Sony units come with Bluetooth or is that dependent on the car?
  8. Thanks for replies 🙂 Only reason I want too is because grey square 6000CD is really ugly. Were the 6000CD upgraded at all over the years or only the look and colour? Also wiring will be same wont it.
  9. Hi, Just wondering if the interior facia for the mk2.5 which is curved around the radio fit a mk2 which is square. I know would need new radio but would facia fit? Thanks,
  10. Hi I recently changed my thermostat using a mobile mechanic. Car now warms up fine, however there is now a small rattle noise from the engine from around idle that doesn't get any louder with revs. I believe he said he removed the belt tensioner at the top of the engine on the left side? Should I therefore be confident in that it's the belt tensioner making the noise? As I've read they make a small noise before failure and isn't too uncommon. Thanks
  11. Thanks much, My car is a 2006 so will just go along with the first one. On RatesFord Ebay I see nothing about a replacement gasket. Should I be able to use the old one? Thanks much
  12. Hi, Purchased a 2.0 Petrol Focus mk2 a couple weeks ago. Happy to be away from the Fiat experience/forum now! The car rarely gets above 60c or stays around that temp. I believe my car needs a new thermostat Been looking at them and was wondering what the opening temperature should be as I see them range from 80-90 degrees. Does anyone know the OEM numbers for the part as that would allow an easier find. Thanks much