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  1. O/T - Corrie and Eastenders

    What a load of irrelevant TOSH
  2. O/T - Corrie and Eastenders

    . Are you sure you have the right forum for this topic
  3. Protecting those Alloys!

    Yes it does and the sales stuff mentions this MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: - Protects wheels and tyres - Universal by wheel size - Increases wheel size - Improves original look of wheels - Rigorously tested and technically proven - Saves your time and money on expensive repairs - Quick and easy installation (do it yourself) - Made of high quality materials - Heat and cold resistant - Additional wheel balancing - Long lasting - Save on your insurance Made of special kind of plastic and inox (rostfrei). Content: 4 rings per set. In case of damaging, spare ring could be purchased separately
  4. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    As at present I do not own a Fiesta so can not give any direct mpg figures. But what I do want to say is that since joining this forum I have seen many postings related to mpg and many people are not too happy with their results. Overall it appears that for a small car the Fiesta is one of the poorer performers with respect to mpg. What is it about this car is general, particularly the petrol versions that give uncompetitive mpg figures. Many other larger cars can do much better than the current Fiestas. I have heard/seen recorded that there is a software update that can improve this but little is recored on this forum. Many people buy this car based upon the published mpg figures only to be disappointed when they try to achieve them in the real world. Many be I've got it all wrong but in the present economic climate running cost/mpg do have a bearing on what to purchase.
  5. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Please could you give a link to direct us to this particular subject. The Mondeo site is enormous and this link would save a lot of times. Thanks for help.
  6. Electric 12v Tyre Inflation

    Because that is the way they are designed to work for the majority. Most electric pump gauges require an unbalance of pressures in order to measure the differential pressure and fire up the electronics to measure this. That appears to be the case with your gauge.
  7. Puncture

    Thank yourself lucky you could have had the puncture repair kit, and then you would have been wet. Has any one tried to use one of these repairer kits on the side of the road must be quite good fun.

    Off subject I know, but what did you think of the Note. Reason for asking is my wife would like to get one for her own use. Don't blame me I only ask the question. Feel free to give it as much welly as you like. Thanks.
  9. secret hole

    Found this pic on Italy Ford site and this clearly shows there is some form of lip/hook on the lid of the small cuby hole below the radio. The only purpose I can think for this is to open it, so there appears to be a use for it in some markets. It's also clear from the pic there is a small switch panel below the heater controls and the mouldering contours above the heater controls is quite different from UK models http://www.fordfiestaitalia.com/photogalle...;id=557#joomimg http://www.fordfiestaitalia.com/photogalle...;id=559#joomimg
  10. Fiesta USA

    Found this pic of the 2010 USA model. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/front_website...0&id=345811 I thought it looked startling and could go down well in this country. I looked long and hard at this car and apart from the obvious it appears that the long unsightly roof ariel has been moved to the back of the roof, which greatly improves the overall appearance in my opinion. Could this be what the next face-over will look like? Would be interesting to hear what other members think of this and any other comments.
  11. vin number

    Sorry don't understand, why would the diesel be any different from the petrol. Please explain.
  12. When I took a test drive in a Fiesta with climate control I to noticed this and asked the sales guy. He said it was the automatic function operating, and was opening and closing valves and flaps to regulate the settings and this was quite normal. Seemed reasonable at the time, but then most sales people will tell you anything to shut you up. It was also pointed out that the auto function also opened and closed flaps/valves on switching on and off.
  13. vin number

    Is there any reason to think that cars assembled in Germany are any better than those from Spain, or the other way round. Do Ford have different standards of inspection at different locations. If so, then should I decide to order a Fiesta, I should like to do so from the site that produces the highest quality. Can any one give any facts on this point, or are all the comments just supposition.
  14. I am very concerned about this posting as I'm in the market possibly for a new Fiesta. Is this a one off or are there any other owners who wish they had not bought their Fiesta.
  15. pits in window after stone impact

    Had similar problem to yours and Autoglass would do nothing as they were all too small. All the 6 small chips were right in my drivers sight line and when the sun shone on them made it difficult to see properly. So the only thing left was to turn 6 chips into one very large one. Out came the old auto center punch and one pop in the right place and hey presto Autoglass happily fitted a new screen. Much better than a brick and does not make any mess with glass chips everywhere. Hopes this helps