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  1. No you shouldn't have to. You could back up your apim as asbuilt with forscan just in case. Matt
  2. If you have a sync3 unit to fit soon. why waste money on a sdcard? Matt
  3. Where have you placed your antenna? Matt
  4. Amazon do them for about 35 quid. Latest for sync2 would be f7 I think. Matt
  5. No, these are for sync3 only. Possibly for 3.4 only not sure. Matt
  6. File links are in the description on the YouTube video. Updated 3.4 20021. Matt
  7. I've got the full sync2 system that I took out of mine when I upgraded to sync3. Was gonna chuck it on ebay. Got the apim, acm, media sync loom, sd card reader and card. Brackets for mounting and the fascia. Drop me a PM if you wanted it. Matt
  8. matt77303

    Sync 3

    Your need to make the changes with forscan. Matt
  9. I had thr same. Select custom and then select the firmware files found in the 3.4 upgrade thread. On page 3 from memory. Matt
  10. 1. If it works it works, modifying the as built data is really only needed if it comes out of a different spec car. 2. Can be enabled with forscan. However the temperature buttons are the wrong way round when enabled. Matt
  11. 2016 would be sync3? If so nav cant be added unless you fit a new apim. Unless its sync2, then that can be enabled with forscan. Matt
  12. Your probably have you update your apim firmware as well using forscan. Matt
  13. Dont bother with the 6x9's they sound awful, especially if your gonna cut them into the parcel shelf. The focus door speakers are actually quite good. Tap into the rear speaker feeds for the low level converter. Matt
  14. Sure there Linked in the 3.4 update thread. Near the end. Matt
  15. I've just yesterday upgraded to f9. On my 2006 st3, that I did the unofficial upgrade to 3.4. I downloaded the files from here... Matt