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  1. Not true, well I didn't. I replaced my battery on my my 3.5 focus last week and the stop/start worked straight away. Annoyingly. Matt
  2. Bit more research to do then me thinks. Thanks for all the replies. Matt
  3. ive sent them a message as theres 2 part numbers for the 2.0 TDCI, thanks for the tip. Matt
  4. Thanks, thats a big difference in price. ill have a look. Matt
  5. Flicking around whilst bored at work today, came accross this. https://www.racechip.co.uk/shop/ford/focus-11-dyb-2010-to-2018/2-0-tdci-1997ccm-185hp-136kw-400nm.html Anyone have any experience of them? not really looked into anything upgrade wise since i had my first MG ZR but these seem so say do alot for relatively little outlay. and who doesnt love 'app control' lol Matt
  6. I went into the fuse box in the boot of my focus. 43 is an ignition live. Matt
  7. You had the pump replaced or anything? Maybe the pipes are the wrong way round? Matt
  8. i saw that one, i sent them a message to ask which motor it was, and had no reply. If i knew it was the correct part ill order it, maybe there shut atm. Matt
  9. been saying the same every year for the last 15 years. lol Matt
  10. Hi. Would anyone no the part number for the motor on the drivers side seat that moves the seat forward and back. Mines struggling to move forward with anyweight on the seat. Although moves back ok. Thank you.
  11. Once you do the 3.4 update you can't go back to 3.0. Matt
  12. Mk3.5 Focus ST3 I posted a while ago about my washer pump not working, bit of a update and hopefully someone can help. The garage have tested the pump, all ok. Ive checked the 2 fuses mentioned, 77 and 82 presume they have as well. They have tried swapping the stalk, no difference. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you. Matt
  13. Cheers, hopefully she will be home before its dark so I can take a look. Thanks Matt
  14. Just had a call from my better half to say the washer jets front and back have stopped work. Bottles full as I did it last week. However the headlight washers are working. Would it be a fuse or washer pump? Are they separate pumps? Thank you. Matt
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