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  1. Did anyone ever get anywhere with the 'Installation in progress message'? I did the upgrade on my spare apim and it always comes up with that message. Matt
  2. Illegal if you dont notify your insurance company. Technically a modification if they wanna get picky. Matt
  3. Pretty sure you can control that via forscan. Matt
  4. My experience with android headunits is they are very hit and miss. The ones I've fitted for people seem slow to startup and sometimes crash alot. My advice would be a decent head unit from alpine or pioneer. Matt
  5. My mk3.5 st3 doesnt have it. Matt
  6. You dont need to extract the files inside the folder yourself. Just copy the folder onto the USB. Matt
  7. That's how I do it and had no problems. When I upgraded to sync3 from sync2 I used a vin found on Ebay. Its worked fine inputting it into the Ford site and upgraded my maps to f8 a few months ago. Matt
  8. Seem to remember if you enable climate control on sync3 with forscan. It reverses everything. You done any changes on forscan? Matt
  9. Evening all. So I have a mk3.5 focus st3 with keyless entry. The button to lock the doors on the drivers door has stopped working. Its works for unlock, sliding hand down behind the handle. But pushing the handle after getting out the car doesn't seem to work. Works ok with the passenger door. Worked a couple if times yesterday but tried it multiple times today and nothing. Any ideas? Thanks Matt
  10. How do you adjust the sensitivity? Matt
  11. Cheers. I'll dig out the old sub and have a look. Matt
  12. So my mk3.5 had the ford factory sub woofer installed, which a was worse than useless. So I've moved over my sub install from my old cae. Fitted, all wired in and I've tapped into the Ford subwoofer loom to get signals. All works perfect for about a week, then it's like the head unit stops outputting the sub output. The amp is still powered and the amp lights are on as normal. I'm 99.9% certain it's not loose wiring. As when it goes off wiggling all connections doesn't result in it coming back on. Only way to get it to come back on is stop the car, get out. Lock it. And then start it again. And it can stop mid journey. Any ideas anyone? Matt
  13. I doubt a update would fix it, unless your phone has changed. If it worked before it should work now. Have you tried a master reset of the sync unit? matt
  14. Give the hinges a good squirt of silicon grease. Had that on a old mg zr. Worth a try. Matt