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  1. I’ve think I’ve narrowed it down to cornering lights. Gonna have a play in the dark tonight. Matt
  2. So I have a mk3.5 focus st3. Fitted with bi-xenons. Obviously the xenons do both dipped and main beam. But in the headlight unit there is also what looks like a h1 bulb ( in the middle ) whats that for? Can’t get them to light up for love nor money.
  3. Thanks for that. Saved for future reference. I can’t see any reason why this isn’t working. From what I read today it doesn’t like it if there are DTC on the car. I have one that I can’t shift. any ideas? matt
  4. That would be great. I did backup my sync2 settings but forscan chucks up an error when loading them into sync3. Great guide btw. Thanks matt
  5. Bit of a thread revival here. Just done this, everything is working except obstacle detection, it didn’t do anything before so I added A to the 7D0-01-01 line. Now the picture of the car comes up, I can here the sensors beeping but there’s no red/orange/green blocks around the little car to show how close am to something. And which sensor is beeping at me. any thought? thsnk you. Matt