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  1. Jinks

    Map sensor

    Any one had problems with map sensor I ha e chage the mass but still coming up as mass fault only when I give it the beans in 4th any ideas please
  2. But now have new problem when I get to 80 90 ish in 4th the spn light comes on I saying mass sensor I have replaced it but still happens can the map sensor throw up that fault I no they both work on measuring air any ida thanks
  3. Soz for late reply found my problem after 3 sets of drive shafts I used good strength lock tight and the splines and inserted into hub and guess what no knocking lol
  4. Hi did any one solve this I have the same problem and have replaced everything
  5. Hi did you sort this out I have the same problem on a 06 st mk2 225 I have replaced driveshafts and mounts and running gear not the gearbox yet