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  1. All successfully installed, I'm now u to F8 In my case the software and gracenote were already up to date, so it probably just used the maps files.
  2. This is what I have now managed to get hold of Not installed it yet!
  3. Sadly the Ford dealer 'insider's that EU 4 14 is the latest even though I know they are not. So little use there. Don't suppose anyone has a download link for the F8 maps?
  4. It's in there now, i'll let you know how (if) I get on. Hopefully they are going to get the steering wheel sorted as well, peeling.
  5. Thank you, sadly I ran that about 4 days ago, and uploaded the log file and it still has not offered me an update as yet.
  6. Hi, No matter what I do, Ford Sync update site will not offer me the latest (F8) maps and insists that my EU 4 14 is up to date. Software is 19149, so its just the maps I believe. Anyone have a working link that I can down them for install?