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  1. Hi Just saying hello after taking delivery of a brand new Edge ST-Line last Friday. Still under 150 miles on the clock but starting to settle in to it. Its replacing a Kuga 180 Diesel as we wanted more space and we’ve actually wanted an Edge for a couple of years but it’s taken the announcement that they are discontinued to bring the lease prices down a bit. Don’t get me wrong still paying a lot more than a Kuga but not that much more than a S-Max we thought about a couple of years ago. Main thing for me at the moment is getting used to my first auto but initial impressions are good. All I would say is that the steering seems a bit heavy but we’ve got the adaptive steering so I need to play around with it a bit. Only other bit I’m not sure about at the moment is the collision monitor and the display in the right dial on the dash as I haven’t read up on what it all means at the moment. I’ve only got the collision monitor set to normal/standard but it never does anything. Whilst I don’t fully understand why the lines either side of the car image on the dial go green sometimes.