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  1. just thought about what mintalkin has said. Even if it was the pollen filter and the car is parked on a gradient then the front passenger footwell would be wet wouldn't it? but its completely dry???
  2. thanks mintalkin, the car is the garage this morning for something else but i will check this when i get it back this afternoon.
  3. Hi guys, I have noticed this morning that the rear passenger footwell is soaking wet. I know we are having lots of rain at the moment so wonder if anyone has any ideas where it might be coming in from. Don't know if this is coincidence but rear passenger side break light was out las week, new bulb and ok now. Thanks
  4. Engine Management Light

    Cheers Steve, Wife has car out tonight will try tomorrow and let you know!
  5. Engine Management Light

    Okay I have 1.6 LX Focus 2001 model and the engine management light has come on. The car has driven ok no loss of power all leads and plugs seem ok. The dashboard test reveals the diagnostic code as 9318 which is 'Battery Low Voltage' The battery and alternator and belts have been checked and all ok so why the EM code 9318. Any ideas folks and whats my next move?