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  1. There is only one reversing light on the left
  2. It's reporting the tyre pressure though? Can the location be turned off in the car? Yes, you may be right about the mirror, that was my first thought. Just paid the excess on my insurance anyway so whatever happens, happens. It's out of my hands now.
  3. Well if it can be fixed properly I will be taking it back. It has not been assessed so we do not know what the damage is like. Also, anyone know why the FordPass app can’t detect its location? The location detector was working up until last night, two days after the crash. Does it not work if the car has been stationary, or has it been turned off?
  4. There was concrete poles. I was hoping not to have it written off. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.
  5. No it was in the countryside. Though the local farmer said that this IS a bad spot with three smashes in one day a few years ago, and a smash a few days before my crash.
  6. I wasn't driving fast, the road was extremely icy. I was surprised at the damage given the speed that I hit the hedge.
  7. I was out driving the other night, slid on a stretch of black ice and hit my car on a hedge. The right on side is completely untouched, the bonnet looks to be untouched and the interior is untouched. The left hand side lights are all blown out and the fender is gone. The car shut off before I impacted and the engine will not turn on. Oddly, the side with the impact, the mirror has turned in? Is this a crash protection measure? It is currently in a Brokers yard waiting to be taken to a garage, do you think this is repairable? I'm quite worried that the car will be written off. https://imgur.com/a/sEHyghu
  8. Should be delivered next week so quicker than initially thought if all goes well.
  9. Oh dear that's terrible. I will be contacting my Dealership tomorrow to try and get a VIN Number to track the progress and see what is going on. He said delivery around 21st September for me, but potentially earlier. I do hope it's not pushed back any further, it's a long wait just for a Ford Focus.
  10. So it won’t be ready for the 10 week mark then?
  11. So what stage would think it would be at, at this point? Have they even started to construct it?
  12. I ordered an ST Line X about six weeks ago. I was given a Lead Time of around ten weeks by the Ford Dealership, so the second week of September. I have been provided with an Order Number but no VIN. As far as I can see I cannot do anything with this order number. Is that true? I rang the Dealership two weeks ago and was told that there was no VIN and the factory had not started to construct the car. Is there anything I can do to find out more about the car or what is going on with it? This seems like an awfully long process and waiting time for a Ford. I assumed that there would be a car park of Focus’ sitting waiting due to the popularity of the car, but apparently not.