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  1. if anyone is interested. it can be done and it is working like a charm.
  2. Just a quick update, we managed to solve the issue. Fuel system was cloged, injectors were cleaned, tank also. car is running smooth again. Managed to somehow damage my original cluster with original milage on, bought 2nd hand cluster with high milage. I know that milage cant be reduced, is it possible to replace just a chip from my original IC?
  3. Today i bought a primiming bulb and primed hose to the filter, changed the filter and put fuel to the top, also primed fuel almost to the pump. Car starts but only runs on fuel from the hose after the filter to the pump which lasts for 2 or 3 seconds, like it wont pull fuel from the filter or before.
  4. Hi, trought car diagnostic sw i have option tol prime fuel system. Is this recomended?
  5. Hi, big thanks and quick update, the problem was with c113, now i can see all the modules. Managed to code 2 keys to my old IC with low milage, no PATS errors on cluster now. Car cranks but no start (it seems it wont feed fuel to filter and to hp pump) In PCM i have 1 fault which comes back when deleting P0238-f1 Turbocharger/Super-charger boost sensor #A Circuit High In IC i still have 1 fault which comes back when deleting U1900-60 CAN Communication Bus Error Any ideas?
  6. thank you. will check this tomorrow and report back. i think positive 🙂 have a nice start of the week
  7. hi, i have tried to get to c113 but impossible to reach since i have a LHD car. is there any other way than taking the dash out? maybe to put new wires directly from facm to abs to bypass c113?
  8. I am spinning i circle. Now continuity always shows 120ohms no matter what i disconnect. No voltage on pins 6 and 14 also. Power supply to ecu is good on all 3 wires. Same situation with both ICs i have. Car cranked only once when we connected the new IC and after that no more. When connecting with DIAG sw i can see 5 modules, ACM GEM IC RCM and FACM. ACM no DTCs FACM U1900 GEM no DTCs IC U1900 and C1750 RCM no DTC
  9. tried to programm keys after IC replacement, both keys are recognized, car still wont start. codes u1900 b1213 u2510 9213 e510 d900 pats key flags 5 is it possible to swap ecu from 1.8 tdci same year?
  10. Thank you so much. You have been really helpfull. I actualy made progress yesterday, when repeating contiunity test and now it pointed to IC fail (120 ohm reading on EJB) on obd. Got another cluster and car now cranks with PATS 15 error. I have also obtained a key from the donor car. Is this only a matter of programming keys or more? I still cant connect with my diag tool which have worked before on this car, the bluetooth i have is likely not compatible with forscan and windows. Probably the right way is buying elm 327 to usb and proceed, but this problem not beening able to connect like befo
  11. tried with new bat same issue. i hear a buzzing noise from ecu cause we opened it. is this normal?
  12. Yes we did. do you maybe have ecu wiring diagram to check where i should have 12v to see if ecu power supply is good?
  13. funny thing is the car was not in use for 3 months. before it ran just fine, than this problem occured. could this be somehow connected?
  14. Can i take ecu, gem, coil and keys from other car? Should be the same engine or just tdci? Any programming needed in that case? Best regards, LUka
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