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  1. Thanks Tezza.... Do you know what's changed? That link doesn't say much, but does hint at a new theme. Would be nice if the Sync3 look and feel was updated a little, made a little prettier. The Home button could do with being bigger as well.
  2. What's this all about then? I'm guessing it's not an official Ford release?
  3. So true. The main road where I live, was resurfaced last year. It really needed it. And I was so thankful when it was done. One year later and just about every inch of the road has been dug up for one reason or another. It's now a complete mess again. Like a 4x4 obstacle course. Having said that, my Focus handles it better than my previous BMW and Volvo. Still annoying though.
  4. My Mk3.5 Focus has Michelin Premacy 4 all round, and almost new. Supposed to be a quiet tyre, but maybe not on the Focus? The road noise is worse than any other car i've had. Quite embarrassing really, when I have passengers. Tyre roar as soon as you move off. It's the only thing I don't like about the otherwise brilliant car. (oh the 10 speaker Sony stereo is also below par). Will try some Michelin Cross Climates next year. ps - the roads in Yorkshire are terrible as well. pps -There's one stretch in Bradford (Midland road, where the football stadium is)... that is a new surface, super smooth road. And my Focus is TOTALLY SILENT on that stretch of road. It's spooky silent, like stealth mode. Zero engine, wind and tyre noise, even at speed. So I know the car and tyres can be quiet when they want to be.
  5. I've just completed the update. Takes about 10 minutes and creates the XML Log file correctly. The Ford website recognised the completed update in a few minutes as well (after Log file uploaded). I cannot see any obvious changes. It's still version 3.0. However, the build has gone from 18025 to 19025. The new build did not trigger another Map update. If anyone notices any visible changes, please let me know. I read on another forum that this update better supports album art, track meta data, and apple carplay. I'll keep you posted if I notice any of these improvements. Hopefully it's all true. Thanks.
  6. Hi - i've just downloaded the zip file now. Will go for a drive this evening and install the update. Did you figure out what's new? I couldn't find a Change Log anywhere. Thanks.
  7. Part exchange prices are quite depressing. Best thing to do is put your Reg into WeBuyAnyCar. The quote will be pretty much what you will be offered in part-ex. Some of the Car Supermarkets will offer slightly below WBAC, but most dealer valuations will be plus/minus 5%. Unfortunately you get bottom dollar for part ex, and pay top whack on your new car. That's just how it works, unless you want to go through the hassle of selling privately. I've actually just bought a Focus Titanium X (66 plate). Such a rare car, especially in Petrol, Auto, so I didn't worry too much about the price. It's my first Ford (in 30 years of driving), and I think it's absolutely brilliant. Will post up a full review later. Good luck.