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  1. Mk3 upto late 2016 used PowerShift automatic - could be problematic, but got better in the later years (2015+) with various s/w and clutch pack upgrades. Mk3.5 after Nov2016 (or 2017 to be 100% sure) switched to 6 Speed Torque Converter automatic. No problems here. Good gearbox. This is what I have. Mk4 1.5 182 uses 8 Speed Torque Converter automatic. No problems reported (or expected really). Mk3.5 1.5 182 is a four cylinder engine. Very nice, but a little thirsty around town (around 25-30mpg). This engine is a joy really. Mk4 1.5 182 uses a three cylinder engine. No issues reported yet. If it's an improvement on the mk3.5, then should be pretty much unbeatable for this type of engine. On all accounts, apart from some initial teething problems (s/w, speaker rattles etc), the Mk4 seems to be well reviewed, and well liked by owners. However, they are getting pretty expensive for a Ford Focus. The higher spec versions are BMW 1 series / Audi A3 money.
  2. If it's the 10 speaker Sony system, then yes, the subwoofer on top of the spare wheel appears to do very little. I thought mine wasn't plugged in. However, I discovered that it has an effect at higher volumes, say volume 15+. Also, it is more noticeable if you sit in the back. Turn the volume up, open the boot, and put your hand above the carpet above the speaker. You will feel the bass (a little).
  3. Mine's an Auto. Are you looking for Auto or Manual? After 2016, the 182 came with a torque converter 6 speed Auto, which is pretty good (and reliable). Although it's very much a 'work in progress', i've activated the blog now (you should be able to see the intro post), but i'm still working on my car review. This project is taking much more of my time than I anticipated. It's been a long time since I did some formal writing.
  4. I have the same car. It's excellent. In fact.... with the lockdown, i've had lots of time on my hands... I decided to build a blog, and talk all about the Ford Focus, starting with my own car. I'll properly introduce the blog to the forum later, but you are all welcome to check it out. I have more work to do on the design, but I have written an Introduction post, to discuss the purpose of the blog. Basically it's to help people decide if a Ford Focus is the right car for them (and then drill down into the various models). Please have a read of that first post and let me know what you think. I'm also in the process of writing a mega-review of my car, which should be useful for you. Hoping to upload that in the next 2 weeks. Am I allowed to leave a link? The website is Members on this forum will be welcome to share their stories on the blog. This is such a friendly and knowledgeable forum, i'd love to showcase your cars and experiences. ps - now i'm feeling all nervous about it 🙂
  5. Engine details would be handy. Or PM the VIN number and i'll check on ETIS for you.
  6. I will ask a passenger to take a photo next time it happens. Normally the image is of the front half my car with the 'radar beam' in front. If another car is in front, then the back of the car in front also appears on the display. On this occasion (on the M62), the image was of the whole car (no radar beam). And the front lights and rear lights were lit on the image. As though it was telling me the lights were on. It was day time, so the auto lights were not on. I think pcaouolte is correct above. If all this is true, I am impressed with Ford's attention to detail.
  7. The PRNDS by the gear lever does light up in blue on the TC 6 speed.
  8. That's good to know. To be honest there's not that many horror stories relating to the newer Powershift boxes. I think Ford had them sorted by the end. You only get concerned when you browse the USA forums and read about the Class Action law suits etc. Seems to be less of a problem in the UK. There's 2 aspects to consider: 1) reliability and 2) driveability. If you are happy with the way they drive, and go for a fairly recent model (at least 2015), and do the gearbox oil changes, you should be ok 🙂
  9. I checked on ETIS and confirmed it was 6F35 (or similar). The 1.5T 182bhp was never available with a Powershift (unless someone tells me otherwise). I travelled 300 miles to buy my car (had never even owned a Ford before), so I did as much homework as possible. Also, confirmed by Honest John website: ... the Torque Converter options are listed as Auto, rather than Powershift. It is a complete minefield though. ps - I'm looking for an automatic 2015 Fiesta 1.0 - all I can say is that it will definitely be a Powershift in that car (and bit of a gamble).
  10. I agree this is the Powershift gearbox. However, my car is a Torque Converter type and has exactly the same gear lever, with the +/- buttons on the right. Same markings as well (P R N D S). If you use the +/- buttons, the driver display tells you what gear you are in (1-6). Does the Powershift do the same? Maybe that would provide a visual clue as to gearbox type?
  11. Oops, I forgot about the later 1.5 diesels. So 1.0 Petrol and 1.6 Petrol and Diesel were the problematic dry clutch, which improved over the years. Is the 1.5d wet clutch Powershift a good one?
  12. 2.0 diesels came with wet clutch Powershift - robust and reliable (for this type of gearbox). In fact this Peugeot engine is also said to be reliable. Not a bad combination. Gearbox oil changes are required to keep things reliable and smooth. Every 35k i believe, at around £300. 1.5 petrol from very late 2016 onwards came with Torque Converter automatic - ultra reliable, but thirsty (due to being 6 speed and a torque converter). This is the safest combination, if you can tolerate 25-30mpg. I have this engine and gearbox. It's brilliant. Everything else on mk3 and mk3.5 was dry clutch Powershift - reliability and smoothness improved as the years went by - and reports of big bills become more rare. Early ones are best avoided, although many would have had clutch packs replaced under warranty, and software updates applied (2014-2016 seems to be low risk, especially with <30k on the clock). Everything on mk4 is torque converter 8 speed. The above is what I learned when looking for my Focus last year. After having a DSG Passat in the past, I did not want a Powershift - although the (dry clutch) DSG problems seem far more prevalent and catastrophic and expensive, compared to (dry clutch) Powershift. I would never touch another VW Group DSG or S-Tronic car again (unreliable, jerky and dangerous hesitation/lag). I would take a chance on a 2.0 Diesel Powershift though (wet clutch), as fitted to a heavy 2016 Kuga for example, where the car is more suited to a Diesel, and economy would just be too bad with the old 6 speed torque converter. Hope that helps.
  13. Yes, but it was not switched on at the time.
  14. Driving back from Manchester along M62 yesterday. Horrendous weather. Heavy rain/sleet and very very windy and blustery. The car remained totally composed. I was impressed. Anyway, my LKA display normally has a graphic of the car, with the 2 'white lines' on either side. These are green, unless you veer off track, in which case they turn red. So yesterday, I noticed that the graphic of the car had changed... it now showed little white headlights shining, and also little red rear lights shining. Normally it's just a basic graphic of the car. I cannot find these examples in the manual, youtube or anywhere else. Does anyone know what these mean? First I assumed that maybe the fog lamps had been automatically turned on by the Driver Assist package due to the bad weather - but the front/back fog light icons were not lit on the dashboard. Cheers.
  15. Sorry, should have mentioned... i'm using an Honor 10 with Android 9, so it's pretty upto date. Strange, as i'm sure it used to work fine. It's frustrating, as nowadays most of my family/friends calls are from Whatsapp. Maybe it would be better if I used Android Auto, but I kinda like the Sync3 interface (and satnav).