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  1. Sorry, should have mentioned... i'm using an Honor 10 with Android 9, so it's pretty upto date. Strange, as i'm sure it used to work fine. It's frustrating, as nowadays most of my family/friends calls are from Whatsapp. Maybe it would be better if I used Android Auto, but I kinda like the Sync3 interface (and satnav).
  2. I have Sync3, latest version. I'm not using Android Auto. When I get a call from Whatsapp, the caller's details are not displayed on the Sync3 screen. Instead, it has the caller's name as 'My Name' and shows my own number. It only offers 'End Call' as the option. I can only answer the call using my phone. Very strange. I'm sure it used to work as a regular incoming call, displaying the caller name and photo. Any ideas please?
  3. To be honest, you are not missing much. It gives too many false readings to be useful. It was a nice gimmick for a few days, and I was pleased to have the technology on my dashboard. However, after too many false readings (eg 80mph in 30mph zones), i just switched it off. I experienced the same problems in Hyundai and Volvo. God knows how they will get to autonomous driving, when they can't even get these basics right.
  4. I find that even with the 4 car setting, i'm always feeling anxious when using adaptive cruise. At 70mph, i would like the gap to be almost double (especially when conditions are not perfect). It should also increase the gap when the wipers are on. It's a bit of a paradox really. Adaptive cruise is supposed to make the journey more relaxing. In reality it can be quite the opposite, unless it's a very quiet motorway in the middle of the night when you are sharing the road with a handful of cars and lorries.
  5. You'll have to wait for the next Map update, and hope that the old cameras have been removed. I'm waiting for new maps to include some newly installed cameras where I live. If you want upto date maps, then google/waze is your best option.
  6. Yes, auto-park is very impressive. I use it as often as I remember that i've got it. However, i think it chooses some very sharp turn-in angles just to scare the hell out of you 😀 I don't think i'd be brave enough to use the Mk4 version, which apparently does the braking for you as well??
  7. Very True 😀 I should reverse park into bays. Easier to drive out. I think i've started to do things just so I can use the technology in the car We do like to get our money's worth in Yorkshire. 😁
  8. I want to mention another one please... ..... Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This a fantastic driver aid. When parked in a supermarket with SUVs either side, it's impossible to reverse out safely, as you just can't see anything. The RCTA system has made this task a lot easier and safer.
  9. Sync3. It's a very well thought out system. And with the new (icon based) version of Android Auto, it does everything I need.
  10. Thanks - that gives me some hope. I was beginning to think it was a soundproofing issue. However, on some (short) smooth stretches on the M1, the car is absolutely silent - pure bliss. So i'm guessing it must be the tyres.
  11. What did you have on from the factory? I have Michelin Primacy HP. They are extremely noisy. Hoping a change of tyres in the new year will help.
  12. The Sony speakers (i have the 10 speaker system) are very very average. You might be better off with some Focal speakers. Either way, some sound-deadening material in the doors would also probably help a lot.
  13. Site still down. Hopefully they are busy uploading a new update for us. Am I right in thinking the next Sync update (3.4?) will have a snazzier interface/theme? Hope so. The current Sync3 is nice and functional, but somewhat bland for this day and age.
  14. Hi... resurrecting an oldish thread here.... Have the same car as the OP 'Oldster'.... same tyres and same loud road noise. Find the car very tiresome to drive on most stretches of the motorway, purely due to the road noise. Is Oldster/Chas still here, and if so, did you (or anyone else) resolve the noise issue by changing to a different brand of tyre? Thanks.
  15. I have these on my car. The road noise is terrible, and the only thing that spoils an otherwise brilliant car. On the motorway (especially the rough sections), the noise is very droning and tiring. I think the tyres will have more of an effect that the size of the wheels. I'll be looking for super quiet tyres (<69db) when my treads are down. I currently have Michelin Primacy 4, all round. Will probably change to Michelin Cross Climates. Unless anybody has any other suggestions?