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  1. Everything will fit, it just takes a bit more hassle to make it fit! 😂 the st-splitter looks like it is sticking a bit more out than the zetec ones, but i guess it will follow the profile on the bottom pretty much the same as on the zetec. Not many splitters that are made specific for the zetec front spoiler either, that is why i like this. If they had only taken some pics with the sun directly onto the front of the car and not the sun directly into the lens 😂
  2. Maybe swap it for a much brighter led-bulb?
  3. That's the $@##/*£ about photobucket, so many useful pics being removed or just disappeared making the posts totally non informative due to lack of images. I have tried to upload pics here but unless they are stamp sized they won't upload.
  4. I have seen this and i like it a lot. Hoped someone had it mounted to see more pics of it, the pics on google doesn't display it so good.
  5. Sorry for ghosting your thread, but i have to ask if you ever got to fit this front spoiler? I can't see any updates of it. I have always wondered how this looks on the car as it is not shown on their website.
  6. My name is, as you might have noticed, Lars, i'm 40 years young, and i drive a 2008 Focus Titanium 1.6 tdci which i got in april. I was going to wreck my mk1 Focus and fell instantly in love with this one when i saw the ad for it as it is my favourite blue color except from the performance blue (i can't afford cars with that color yet😆) Have carbon wrapped the bonnet trim and rear boot trim, and made a new grille for the bumper by using a abs-mesh from Autostyle, and fitted an ST-grille. I have also painted the rear arches as they were rusty and far from nice from being rubbed where they mate with the bumper. Future plans involves mudflaps and a splitter, maybe a new front spoiler. The ride height is a place between "should i lower it or should i not?", so i am not sure yet. Some before and after pics:
  7. So here are some pics of my car, had to wipe the dust off my Photobucket account to make it work again.
  8. Has anyone fitted another front spoiler on their Focus other than the Ford front skirt as on my car? I like it, but i am looking for a bit more aggressive and edgy spoiler. Thanks in advance for pics.