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  1. Adjusting the temperature control to full heat resulted in no or only partial heat. I thought it was the actuator so ordered a new one online. The new actuator was the same though. The actuator is moving when the heat control is adjusted except that it seems to be travelling further than it should in the heat direction causing the plastic actuator arm to slip off the heat flap arm. So Im thinking now the heat control dial itself is the fault?
  2. Sisters 2009 fiesta 1.6 diesel. Have had a number of problems since purchasing it May this year the latest of which is the cabin heater not working. The fan is working but will only blow cold air. The coolant level is ok, the engine is heating up so thermostat is ok, both heater matrix inlet and outlet pipes exiting the rear of the engine bay are heating. Research on line points to the heater control valve on earlier marks failing alot. On the mk6 this is accessed by removing the wipers and trim under the windscreen. Looks like it might be harder to get at on the mk7 if the mk7 actually has one. Someone mentioned that he thinks the heater control valve was discontinued on the mk7 replaced instead with an air blend door, Does anyone know for certain? Thanks.
  3. I rang 2 main dealers to check the price. One quoted €40 and the other, where the garage that did the job got them, €73!!!
  4. Yes had seen them on ebay alright, knew one from the main dealer would be more but didnt think would be that much more! For a few washers and plastic spacers, ridiculous.
  5. I just had the injector seals replaced on a 2009 1.6 tdc fiesta by an independent garage.They got the seal kit from a main dealer and I was invoiced €65 for it. Is this what they cost from a main dealer? They can be got on ebay for about €20.