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  1. We run our 1ltr 125ecoboost cmax on jet and find it's happier then supermarket brands.
  2. Sometimes the screen freezes and says insert sd card, also the phone charger stops working, this sometimes happens when driving and there is an sd card in, if we leave it for a bit then go back out to start the car it automatically starts working, anyone got any ideas as to why this happens, do I need to be going back to the garage?
  3. Please any ideas why it mists up and it's not all the time . Have tryed this . Heated windscreen button , with all 4 main vents turned off. Air con on max that works but wife gets cold so that soon gets knocked off. Max heat button . Pls help
  4. How do you know if you have them as been looking at new tyres and most fitters don't fit tpms valves and online they don't say if the charge
  5. Best place to buy them we did get Halfords own but they are started to leave marks only been on 3 months did think about euro car parts but have never got anything from them . 😀
  6. Two keys that we didn't no about but at least we are sorted now cheers for clearing it up for us 😀
  7. Well done what a road trip great memories for you have really enjoyed reading your posts
  8. Now you can laugh all you want but just been looking a cmax spares on eBay don't need anything just looking and I came across a new 3 button remote fob with key blade hidden in side . So I looked in mine and I have one too but here's the bit that I find funny the dealer didn't tell me about and can't see it in the manual I don't have any were I can see to use a key so what would it be for ? Is the a serect cupboard or something it's doing my head in . Can anyone help . Thanks in advance Just been back out to Car never noticed we have a key hole on drivers door take it ...... it's to get in the car when remote isn't working but then would car still start if fob isn't working ?????
  9. HollyFaye


    Thanks Adsa tyres use a spot about 4 miles away and blackcircles is about the same but tyre shopper is best part 35 miles away have bookmarked them both so will be ready to order myself as I don't know how much arnold clark will charge we got our car from chesterfield motorstore but we will be using one near home for services ( cumbria) just didn't want to get ripped off with the tyres again many thanks
  10. HollyFaye


    Thanks have bookmark there page
  11. HollyFaye


    Just having I look about the market and I thought I'd ask everyone on here what sort of brands you are all using I don't need any just yet but it's better to have an idea if I just let ford dealer sort them or shop around ? Cheers
  12. Just thought I would say Hello ,we have just bought 2016 c-max 1tlr 125 .