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  1. Hi Tom, Ok, so that's a "take it off" job then, fabulous, I'll have a look at the "how too" then! appreciate the advice Thanks, Mark.
  2. Good evening all, Our little gem has developed a extra few degrees of camber, without being asked too, only offside front. All looks ok, arms not bent, shock looks straight, nothing obvious anyway but it's quite obvious by eye, so must be a few mm at least. I'm stumped, are the top mounts known to fail/rot/break apart? or bent shock? Do the bushes hide the damage? any tests? the spindle is all solid & brittle I would imagine, as it's cast, so no bending there. unless the chassis is bent but having had the headlight out the other day, nothing obvious on the legs or inne
  3. All sorted, for now, not sure what caused the issue as it works fine but the additional cable ties make me suspicious! I'm sure she'll tell me if it does. A new centre section for the exhuast and it should be sorted for a while. Thanks for your help. Mark. P.s. anyone need a HCV for a ford? 🙂
  4. I found a pic when someone removed the dash, mine is fooked! Hers I mean. No Fords for me either, just fix hers, she's had mk2, mk3 escorts, mk1 focus and this mk6 fiesta, she's also had and she owns the dakar compact also, which she broke. Clopton is somewhere I go every few weeks for work, got a few suppliers on the ind est, so I know it well, not been to a car meet for years, when is the next? I'll ask one of the chaps at work as he mentioned a meet the other week over near jimmys farm, wonder if it was the same group?
  5. think we may have found the issue: does anyone have a pic of what that should look like so I can attempt a fix? Thanks, Mark.
  6. and the airbox is going, this one is fubar, ordered some silicone hoses and air filter and will create yet another cold air induction system, plenty of air down in front on the pas headlight, already got 3inch ali pipes, so now waiting on the postie. p.s. I'm in Fxto 🙂
  7. ow, the previous owner did say he "did" the inlet manufold, assume for that reason then. ill get some pics, it has had the triple slot removed and we just have a hole that the stereo sits in but needs a surround. going to pull the dash in a min, cuppa and ***** first 🙂
  8. now searching " mk6 fiesta remove dash fascia " 🙂
  9. Cheers chaps! I think the mk5 or 6 issue put me on the wrong path, bought a proper one too, typical. I can say for sure the car has been apart a few times, it's got the missing screws and fixings thing going on, found the centre consol and foot well panels are just slotted in! Having looked behind the stereo I can see the white arm moving but access is impossible, I can see two bolts at the back and a acrew behind the switches, does that give me access? or is there another way? Was proper gutting stripping all the airbox and scuttle out to find nothing! 34'c heat made
  10. P.s. I've read and cleared codes, sorted O2 sensor and free'd up the gear selector! more typical fiesta jobs I hear.
  11. Hi, Only had it for two weeks, did it from then 🙂 The res is half full of pink coolant, stays half way when warm, seems ok. keep reading about the HCV failing, hence why i bought one 🙂
  12. Hello all, My better half has an 05 Zetec s with only hot air blowing, no matter what is dialed up. They all seem to have an issue with the HCV and we purchased one and set about finding it. After removing all part to find the heater pipes sticking through the bulkhead ( engine side ) but no valve, so it must be under the dash, does anyone know of a how to? And is this a mk5 or mk6 fiesta? its pre facelift ( huge clear lights, square rear lights ) but I find conflicting info on what version we have, wiki says mk5, just need some clarification please. Appreciate your help/time on
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