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  1. Did you manage to get yours updated ? My car was in for its first service this week, and the dealer told me that an update was available for my Sync system! First time I've heard that since i got the car, and hopefully it will fix my Android Auto issue. Have been using Apple CarPlay though which has been working without issue. But right after they told me an update was available and attempted to update my car, something went wrong and currently my radio is not working.. Screen doesn't even turn on, so they will replace the unit once they get a new one back. Also can you tell more about that version? Any version numbers or other useful info ?
  2. Just to bring this topic up from the dead once again, my solution only worked for ½ a year or so. It has begun again.. This TSB which is mentioned. As far as i understand it i should be able to take the car to Ford and tell them to fix it, as they have a solution now or ?
  3. Thanks for the tip. I tried it out but it didn't work unfortunately. With an iPhone though, the time is shown correctly in Apple CarPlay.
  4. Is anyone here having issues writing to the IPMA module of their Fiestas ? I tried with the newest version of Forscan as of now (2.3.26 beta) and created a new profile for my vehicle with it, but it still gives me an error of "Service procedure interrupted" (or something along those lines), no matter how many times i try
  5. I have Sync 2.5 and don't have APIM. What does the APIM include ?
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way to permanently enable the tail lights ? They automatically turn on when it becomes dark enough outside, but i really wish they were just always on
  7. I tried disabling the "engine sound enhancement" tonight, but it wont work. FORscan throws me an error 😕
  8. I could try and disable it and then see if i notice any difference 🙂
  9. Actually i noticed that option, because it was already enabled on my car, which i found strange. No sound is playing through my speakers though 😕
  10. I tried activating it, but it doesn't recognize any signs. But i have all the options inside the menus to enable it etc. Can you maybe snap a picture of how your cameras/windshield look ? Then i can compare it to mine 🙂
  11. No i actually dont use it like that. Mine is always on the trip computer, with mileage and distance before empty etc. 🙂
  12. Hi, sorry for the late response! Have been quite busy the last days. Heres som pictures 🙂
  13. I will do that later today :)
  14. My fiesta doesn't have Sync 3.. Its rather wierd, but its listed as Sync 2.5. So i guess the splash screen is not an option for me. Can you take a picture of your sensors ? It would be a good reference for the future, so people can compare their camera setup. I managed to also active a Ford Performance option in my small dashboard screen, but that didn't really do anything, other than enabling a red themed digital speedometer option. I also managed to disable the temperature gauge in the same small dashboard screen, but i re-enabled it again. I was hoping i could find some way to instead show a clock there, since my Sync main screen doesn't show the time when in Android Auto. Another thing that seems to work, and i actually like, is i disabled the sound chimes which is always being spammed at you when the car is turned on. I set it to Single instead of Multi, and this is completely disabled all the sound chimes though. Have to look further into it.
  15. I just got my cable and tried out something basic like enabling trafic sign recognition in the IPC module, and even though i can see in my dashboard screen that two circles have shown up in the right bottom corner, they dont seem to actually recognize signs in any way. I have lane assist and and adaptive cruise control, so i assume this should be enough ? Also, what has people actually been able to get to work using forscan on our fiesta ?