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  1. Glynp

    False alarm

    Can an insect actually cause the alarm to go off?
  2. I have a 2019 Ford Focus 1.5 St line x and last night the alarm went off twice within 2 hours,has anyone had similar problem with their car.
  3. Thanks Stoney871,have found the socket for the locking wheel nut and see what you mean about it not having a cap but is the complete thing,why don’t they standardise these sort of things!
  4. I must admit I haven’t looked in the glovebox,which I will do tomorrow,but as you see in the picture the locking wheel nut seems to have a cap over it,and I have tried priding it off,but to no avail,am I doing something wrong or missing something?
  5. Has anyone got an idea how to remove the locking wheel nut on my Ford Focus Mark 4 st line x,2019 reg,i have enclosed a picture to show it,I have looked in the boot where the jack etc is and can’t see anything that might remove it
  6. My car is a 2019 Ford Focus,can anyone tell me if when the car is locked whether the fuel filler flap can be opened,as I can on mine and would have thought it would be locked like the doors etc
  7. Anyone got an idea how I get the mats out of the car,I own a 2019 Ford Focus st line x and I can’t seem to get the front mats out of the car,it looks like you just pull them to unclip but nothing happens,I know this sounds silly but I have had other cars with a similar fixing and never had a problem removing them.
  8. If that’s the case,why have a switch to do it if it will automatically deactivate one cylinder whatever mode you are in?
  9. Can someone please answer a question for me,I own a 2019 Ford Focus with the cylinder deactivation,and a button which enables normal driving,eco during and sports driving.,my questions are does cylinder deactivation work only when you put it in Eco mode,or will it automatically deactivate to only 2 cylinders if it detects you are under low load in the normal driving mode of the three,and secondly if you are in the eco mode and only using 2 cylinders and you need to speed up,thereby needling the 3 rd cylinder again will it automatically activate that 3rd cylinder or do I need to manually press the switch to set it back to normal mode,the reason I ask this is I’m worried that if I’m in eco mode and asking for more power am I labouring the engine if it stays on only 2 cylinders,sorry to write a long winded question but didn’t know how to put it more simpler!
  10. Can someone tell me how the cylinder deactivation works on the new Focus,I know if you put it into eco mode it shuts down the middle cylinder of the three,therefore saving fuel,but if you need to speed up a bit or hit an incline does it then labour as it’s only using 2 cylinders or does it re engage the third cylinder automatically so that you don’t have to keep changing between eco and normal mode manually?
  11. I have a 2019 Focus St Line X ,with the 8 speed auto box,I’m interested what other people think of this automatic box,I like it except for one aspect,which is if you drive,then stop,select reverse, and then press the accelerator ,it seems to be in no gear at all and it will suddenly engage not smoothly,I’ve found that when I stop and then select reverse to wait about 2 seconds before pressing the accelerator and then it will operate smoothly,it’s the same if I reverse,stop and then select drive and try to accelerate,it’s almost as if it’s not engaging from drive to reverse,or reverse to drive immediately.Anyone else experiencing this,if not i may have to think about taking it to the dealers to investigate.
  12. I recently bought a New Ford Ficus St line x,182 bhp with 8 speed automatic gearbox,I must say I love the car it’s quiet,has a good turn of speed.My only gripe is when I change from drive to reverse or or reverse to drive,it seems I have to wait about 2 to 3 seconds before I turn the rotary knob to the required position,if I don’t wait there is a clunk as if it is still swapping gears.has anyone else noticed this with the auto box.
  13. Hi I have just taken ownership of a brand new Ford Focus St Line X,automatic,182 bhp,in desert island blue
  14. I have just taken ownership of a new 2019 Ford Focus St Line X,automatic 182 bop and have covered about 500 miles,on checking the average mpg is is showing 32.3.I know I’m not going to get close to the mpg quoted by Ford,but I would be interested in other owners of this particular model what they are achieving.