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  1. I checked with my car dealer, they did a thorough examination and found nothing wrong with the gear shift. Concerning the sychromesh, they said that if it was the sychromesh it would have been difficult to move the knob horizontally too, not only vertically, which wan't the case. Then they compared another st-line and another Focus with different trim and found that all were the same. Finally they did something called "SBT" (a standard online test by Ford) and said that if there are many complaints Ford might take action, other than that, they cannot do anything, because the shift is like that straight out of the factory. But, by driving the car for a while, I am getting used to it, and I changed my driving style. The gear is not hard to shift if you are at low enough speed, so if sometimes I am unable to switch to second gear, I know that I should get to lower speed before I try again.
  2. Hi, I own a 1.0 125 hp 2018 Ford Focus with manual transmission. I have the car for 3 weeks, and have about 800 km on it. Last week, when I got back from my first trip with it, I put my foot down in the city. I was doing full on first gear, hitting it at round 4000 rmp. At one point when I was shifting gears, i din't press the clutch all the way down and heard a grinding sound. Since then, I've been noticing, the gear transmission being harder to change between 1st and 2nd gear (more prominenty 2nd to 1st). It seems to me that is harder to switch from 3rd to 2nd and from 2nd to 1st than it used to and sometimes even gets completeley jammed for a second or 2. My friend suggested that there is a possibility that there is a lock mechanisn on the transmission system and that it doesn't let you switch down gears when you're driving at a higer speed. With my previous car, it was my habbit to switch to 2nd gear and decelarate that way. I've been testing this for a while, and it indeed seems to be easier to switch to 2nd at lower speeds, but I am still not assured that this is the normal behaviour of the transmission. Still it seems to me that it wasn't like this when I got the car. Also, the shifting is very smooth when the car is stationary or moving at very low speeds, much much smoother than what I described now. There seems to be a known issue with the ford trasmission as suggessted here: I intend to call the car shop where I have the warranty, I just wanted to consult with you about this first. Thanks.
  3. This 2 links show that the 1.0 produces the same torque of 170 Nm for both 125 and 100 hp, but there is also difference of about 2 seconds for 0-100 kmph between the 2. I am presuming that 170 Nm is the maximum torque that the engine produces.
  4. Hi, I want to buy a ford focus st-line and I am considering the 1.0 125 hp ecoboost version vs. the 1.5 150 hp which is 1500 euro more expensive. I think that the difference in hp will not be felt very much in the city, only when overtaking on the highway (9.5 sec vs 8.8 sec to 100 km/h). What makes me hesitate tho is the reliability of the engine. Most people would say that the bigger engine would be more reliable and would last longer. What is your opinion, is the bigger engine worth the extra cost (considering that the extra kick from the hp is of little importance to me)? I would most probably do about 10 000 - 15 000 km per year, so how many total kilometers should i expect from the two versions? Thanks!