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  1. Mk3 V6 Mondeo Auto

    Thanks Chris, is it a big job?
  2. Can anyone help please? My Auto Mondeo at low speeds @(30/40) in either 4/5 gear starts to miss fire. As soon as you change down gear it stops. At 30 in 4th this never use to be a problem. What's the fault I need to be looking for?
  3. At low speeds my mondeo miss fires. Can anyone help?
  4. Mondeo V6 MKIII

    Thanks Instructor piggy for the advice however we have checked all you suggested and couldn't find the fault. What else can you suggest? The mpg is now down to 21.7 from 27.5.
  5. Mondeo V6 MKIII

    the car seems to surge between 20 & 40 mph. Fords agreed with that but can't find the fault.
  6. Mondeo V6 MKIII

    I appreciate the weather would have a part to play, but the drop has been so quick and it is only since its service this has happened.
  7. I have just had my car serviced and the MPG has dropped from 27.5 down to 22.5 and is still dropping. Ford cannot find anything wrong but my question is well is there somethingelse I need to be looking at. No problem before service now its very thirsty. Can anyone please help me?