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  1. You need a sync 3 apim with navigation, and forscan is software. You use an ELM adapter to connect your computer to the cars obd port, and then use the software to turn on navigation. There's a free trial available or you can pay £20 for a few years license.
  2. If you have Sync2.5 you can't unless you retrofit Sync3, if you have Sync3 you need to change the APIM to a Navigation unit and then set nav on using Forscan
  3. Sorry, just realized that this was the most recent message. If you can confirm you have sync2, this is how you can get nav apparently, I don't know if it works but feel free to read the thread to see what people are saying : https://forum.xda-developers.com/windows-mobile/general/guide-enable-navigation-cars-sync-2-0-t3484473
  4. He's wrong, Sync 2.5 has Android Auto/Apple Carplay. Do you have navigation? Navigation is a Sync3 only feature. There is also a non-nav Sync 3, and non-nav Sync2.5. The best way to check if to buy Ford Forscan, connect it to the car and see if it has an APIM. The other method is to take the dashboard off and see if the APIM is there, it should be right behind the instrument cluster. If it's there, you have Sync3, if not you have sync2.5.
  5. If you have bang and olufsen already it would be best to just tap into the subwoofers since its already in the boot, no?
  6. You need the variant where you flip the switch since they're two different busses. Here is a link explaining : https://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4
  7. Sorry, I didn't read your post properly earlier. It depends if you want both to run alongside or only the aftermarket one. I don't know how to do just aftermarket since I don't know if the B&O Sub uses the same amplifier as the rest of the speakers, but for alongside you can tap into the Subwoofers signal, and then just run power to the VIBE setup.
  8. GPS should be standard on all Fiestas, it's how Ford Emergency Call works. If you want to double check, when you see the apim, there should be a fakra connector on it. If you don't have sync3, this is easy to check since it's just behind the main screen.
  9. If your car is 2019 you have a mk8. If you have Sync3 as you say, you have to change the APIM, which is a module that is behind your dashboard to one that has navigation, and perform the Forscan operations to make sure your cars previous options are copied over, and then activate navigation. It should work. FYI I had to buy two APIMs because the first one I tried didn't work(might have been faulty). Second one worked without issue.
  10. I got insured when I was 18, the 140 insurance was offered £25 more than the 125
  11. Behind the screen is a small piece of black plastic with two tabs from which you can use to pull the plastic off. Unscrew the three hex bolts, and then take the screen off. You pull the edges off around the black carbon around the dash, I forgot the specific way to pull it off but there's 4 golden 'latches' which you have to make sure don't fall off, or if they do you put them back on. Then, the dash has some more screws, and 2 latches if I remember correctly you push in and then pull the cluster out. I didn't unplug the dash because certain cars require reprogramming if you take it out. Maybe someone who's done the job more recently can correct any mistakes I've made.
  12. Have you updated your sync to the unofficial 3.4? If so that's why the themes don't work. If not, and you've already reset your sync3 apim programming, do the following. Email Forscan with your issue, you need to delete your dump files, and then connect the elm adapter to your car, and try to change the themes again so they can see what's going on in the car. Then, attach the dump files to the email and send it to them. If you activate my performance view and it doesn't work, the dashboard display doesn't support it. I've seen it work on some cars, and not work on others. I mentioned it half a year ago to them so maybe in the future they'll try find a fix.
  13. PM me your email address and I can send you the wiring diagram. I have no experience with the loom since I tapped into the speaker output, but I've seen it displayed on some facebook pages
  14. Every Fiesta should come with GPS antenna, even non Sync3 Fiestas. I think it’s because of the ford assist system, and to help with some of its other features I’ve forgotten. By apim I mean the actual hardware unit which is behind your instrument cluster. The camera needs the loom because the hardware connection doesn’t exist, hardest part is running the wire to the front of the car. i don’t remember 100% since I did it half a year ago but that is definitely true for the ford gt theme. I updated my system to unofficial 3.4 because of the retrofit I did and I like the standard theme now so I’ve just left it as is.
  15. If you have Sync3, you need to change your apim to a nav one to get navigation. The nav apim has more eMMC storage, which allows it to store the maps. From what you've said about being able to enable it, I believe you have a Sync3 non-nav system, so its just the apim that needs to be changed. You can install a rear camera, if you want to do it cheaply you buy this camera : https://www.halfords.com/technology/parking-sensors/motormax-ford-replacement-reversing-camera-806379.html, and this loom https://www.rudiemods.co.uk/index.php?_route_=incartec-27-317-ford-fiesta-mk8-2018-on-sync-2-3-reverse-camera-addon. If you call wherever you buy the parts from they should be able to help you with what you need to do. What do you mean the theme doesn't work? For certain themes, you need the theme and the splash screen at the same time for it to work. Have you saved the default forscan apim file before modifying? If you have, revert it back to factory and try doing it again without modifying any other settings on your apim.