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  1. It's a custom update using files available online To the OP, I put the normal skin on and I love the way it looks compared to the old version of sync, do you not like the original skin??
  2. Sorry, I didn't explain it well. To do the sync retrofit the connectors for all 60 odd components connected to the 14401 harness had to be modified ranging from the audio system to antennas, switches, dash etc, and then theres also the wiring to do with the rear camera, interior lights etc, the powertrain warranty is probably the only one left lol.
  3. Nope, there's a weird base sync 2.5 system that doesn't use an APIM. The car came as part of a deal for my dad so didn't spec it and didn't realise until I tried fitting a nav APIM(I thought that was why the car didn't have nav), but turns out there was none. I've disassembled the entire car, cut and soldered the main loom to install Sync 3, changed all the speakers, if I go to the dealership now they'll invalidate my warranty for all claims full stop lol, have to find a friendly one who'll understand when its time to service.
  4. I had to retrofit Sync3 on a 2019 Fiesta, the update I got using the VIN resulted in a black screen, so using the files and bootloader in this thread helped fix my problem and upgrade my nav to f8 from f6 lol
  5. Hi, I retrofitted Sync 3 to my car and everything was fine. I downloaded the nav update for the apim from the vin and installed it. After getting the success message, I restarted the car and then the display didn't show anything, but the audio is playing fine. All controls are working. On the screen now, it just shows the map with my car moving on it. Does anyone know how to reset the Sync3 without having access to the screen or will I have to get the dealer to flash it for me?? Thanks
  6. My bad, message forscan and send them the log files. I didn't realise you were non-UK, we have a stupid non Sync3 system. The forscan log files are Appdata\roaming\forscan, zip the folder, and email it along with your issue of not having an apim showing to contact@forscan.org. Hands down the best support I've seen so far.
  7. It can have a navigation system and allows plug and play reverse camera to be installed which is why I got it. It's also faster and has other features that people here probably know more about than me.
  8. No, my car didn't have B&O. For the subwoofer I have a Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4, I lost the mono amplifier I had. I'm thinking about a Rockford P3SD4-8 but will have a look at the Audison. The link is about Sony but I've emailed Forscan about what to do for the Fiesta to be able to get the same line level output, if they tell me anything I'll tell you here.
  9. I've changed all door speakers to Focal, changed amplifier and everythings good. I bought B&O subwoofer enclosure and am changing the subwoofer so wanted to know if you used the Audison or Pyle, or which one? Are you going to do programming on Forscan to get rid of open circuit error and to stop the factory equaliser? I'm going to use resistors to stop the open circuit error but still don't know how to deal with factory eq and instead send line level out as in this thread for the F250 : http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=3704
  10. Can anyone provide the file then? I retrofitted Sync 3 so when I can't access the downloads for the system, and the VIN I was given which the APIM apparently came from doesn't exist.
  11. Sync 3 systems have an apim, if you don't have an apim you have sync 2.5.
  12. Anyone know how to turn emergency assistance back on and how to disable speaker open circuit warnings? I've found the code on F150 forum but how do I change that for my Fiesta?
  13. You can't do it on a non-sync3 screen
  14. Line converter, or there's a custom made pre out cable that I saw somewhere, maybe someone would be able to post the link
  15. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded their MK8 fiesta sound system, and if so what they've done. The cars open due to retrofitting sync 3 from 2.5 and reversing camera so I might as well see what can be done about the speakers. Thanks