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  1. 1.5 Diesel so does that mean that you do relatively long journeys which would keep the Battery topped up ? My Vignale also supplied by Evans Halshaw so will be interested to see how you get on with the Rejection under Consumer Rights Law
  2. I think this is the correct English translation to this post: Good morning, I've had the mistake several times. And I tell you from experience that it appears when the modem runs out of coverage and because it has no coverage because it can't make the emergency call. The story is that when you re-hook coverage the bug persists and you have to fix it with some update. It's not about battery, it's not about weird things, it's the coverage. Greetings.
  3. Yes I do mostly low mileage trips but no one in the dealership asked if I did LOW or HIGH mileage so I presumed that the Vehicle was suitable for both.
  4. I have a Vignale supposedly the Luxury Flagship Focus (what a load of SH--TE) it started before I even collected the car on the PDI inspection they found that the HEAD UP DISPLAY did not work correctly so had to order a replacement that put the delivery back by a week (not a good start). On the second day of ownership I had a message alert to say that the COLLISION WARNING SYSTEM had detected a fault this has happened twice between 5th Oct 2019 to 3rd January so I can live with that but the next error message that I got on the same day was CHARGING SYSTEM FAULT this happened 27 times until the vehicle went back to Evans Halshaw on the 18th October to be fixed, when booking it in I was informed by the Service Reception that it was probably a faulty BATTERY and should be ready later in the day but when later in the day arrived I was informed that the BATTERY was to low to carry out the tests and they would need to keep the vehicle overnight to give it a complete charge and would let me know the following day which they did and I collected the Vehicle thinking all was well and so it was until 13th November when CHARGING SYSTEM FAULT reared its ugly head again this has now occurred a further 17 times up until 3rd January in addition at the beginning of December I got my first EMERGENCY CALL SYSTEM MALFUNCTION WARNING which started off as an intermittent thing but within a few days became permanent and sometimes affects Phone and Speakers and sometimes not. Vehicle went back to Evans Halshaw on Friday 17th January for the day and guess what had a phone call early afternoon asking if they could keep the vehicle over the weekend (I would prefer they kept it forever and gave me my money back together with my FAULTLESS Mk3 ZETEC S) as the BATTERY was to low to get any positive readings also they needed to contact FORD regarding an issue with SYNC. So as you can see from the above BATTERY BATTERY BATTERY seems to be the thread that keeps coming up however what I can't understand is if the BATTERY is so low how come the vehicle starts on the button first time every time ???. By the way has anyone looked at the prices for a replacement BATTERY for the Focus ££££££££££ WOW maybe that's why they are not keen on fitting new ones probably waiting till the Ford Warranty expires on that item. I have had Ford's for the last Thirty Five Years Capri/Orion/Sierra/Focus MK1/Focus Mk3 and other than a Tiiming Belt snap on the 23000 mile Orion I have had no problems at all what the hell has happened to Ford. Back in the day I had Pre Crossflow Anglia's and Cortina's that gave less trouble that this bag of S--TE. Will keep you updated.
  5. I collected my new 1.0 Ecoboost Vignale on 4th October and the Charging System Fault warning came up on the Dash the following day I spoke to my local Ford Centre and they said it was probably a faulty battery and booked the car in to be checked over (could not get in for 2 weeks) they had it for 2 days car returned working OK on 18th Oct but today 13th November warning back again. Has anyone else experienced Charging System Fault on a Mk4 Focus.
  6. I think you are correct about the penny pinching for instance my car only has one light in the boot area where before they had two must have saved them all of twenty quid (PATHETIC) With regard to having the car checked for miss-build I would be relying on FORD to check there own workmanship so not sure that would work as I would probably just get into a war of words and to be honest life's to short.
  7. Mine has Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Perhaps the road surfaces in Yorkshire are smoother than round W Midland/Shropshire area
  8. Picked up my new Vignale 5 Door last week and I reckon it is the worst car I have ever driven with regard to Tyre noise being transferred into the cabin. Anyone else agree ? Anyone been able to solve the problem as it ruins an otherwise nice car. Traded in my 5 year old Zetec S 1.6TDI and that was silent compared to the Vignale
  9. When you say that the Estate has a different design multilink suspension from the hatchback do you know in what way it is different.
  10. Does anyone know if the Focus Active X Estate or indeed the Focus ST Line Estate have been downgraded to Twist beam rear Suspension.
  11. I ordered my St Line X 26th May told by dealer would be best to wait until 1st September to Register on 69 plate to which I replied that was not an issue as I have a private Reg so they could register as soon as the car arrived. Anyway as it turns out the factory had no intention of a build before 13th Sept and now are ESTIMATING yes that's correct ESTIMATING a build 20th Sept with an ETA at dealer of week ending 19th October that is if they don't change it again. 21 weeks for a Ford that is a joke My current 2014 Zetec S took 11 weeks from factory which I thought was a long time and when it arrived they had managed to fit a STANDARD rear SPOILER instead of the bigger one it should have had.
  12. If I could cancel the order I would especially as I have now found out that the 1.5 Ecoboost Petrol 182 has now got Twist Beam Suspension just the same as the lower range models because that was one of the main reasons for choosing that Engine. As I understand it once an Order has been placed for a New Car with a Dealer it can't be cancelled.
  13. On 26th May I ordered a ST Line X 1.5 182 5 Door Hatch in Desert Island Blue with Pan Roof and Convenience Pack. Dealer gave registration date as early September and first update from factory gave Build date as 08.19 which I took as being inline with a September delivery to dealer 😄 Second update from factory gave production date as September 13th with ETA at dealer as week ending 12th October ☹️not impressed. Third update from factory now has production date as 20th September with ETA at dealer as week ending 19th October and to add insult also informed that the factory is closing for the whole of August 🤬🤬. I have had Fords for the last 33 years but I think this will be the last one as it seems that for all their fancy Brochures and Online Configurator with 20 Focus models to choose from (if you include Estate/Hatchback0 plus dozens of multiple choices regarding engines/colour/manual auto Ford have decided that you can have anything that you want as long as it is what they have already decided to build or you are prepared to wait until the end of time.