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  1. This sounds exactly like mine as my Dealership told me it was a potentially serious problem (possible fire risk perhaps?)keep us informed.
  2. Sorry for the late reply: Is your car a MK4 Focus or a MK3 Try charging the Battery to FULL Reset the Battery Monitoring System (different method on a MK4 to a MK3)and see if that fixes the problem as a low Battery can cause problems with the two items that you mention. Does your car have Keyless entry if so does the passenger side work correctly as this is also another symptom of a LOW Battery.
  3. My Dealership not only told me my 1.0 EcoBoost Focus was due a service at 12 months two weeks later they also said it was due its M.O.T 😀
  4. Cut a couple of pieces of BLACK card the shape of the Mirror Glass and fix it with Blue Tac might work. Good luck
  5. I had this problem on my Focus Vignale it started the day after I picked the car up NEW in Sep 2019 the car went back to my local Dealership on quite a few occasions but nothing was ever sorted long term and the Charging System Fault message would always come back sometimes within a week or less and as you say very random in frequency I think the most I had in one day was 8 times. I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that I would live with it until I could realistically let the car go when it was 2 or 3 years old as it was not stopping me using the car it was just annoying that the
  6. When you say the temperature drops when you turn on the blower do you mean the cabin temperature or the gauge on the instrument cluster? I have a 1.0ltr Ecoboost and it does take longer to warm up than previous Ford's that I have owned.
  7. I think FORD DIRECT is only a tool to allow FORD UK to offload its own vehicles onto Ford Dealerships
  8. Had the same with my wife's Mini that she was thinking of changing, the price has varied between £5740 to £6755 UP & DOWN over the last three months the last one was the £6755 last week I do think that the shortage of second hand low mileage stock has got something to do with it. Our local Ford Dealership has hardly anything newer than 2016 available (in the used section anyway)
  9. Just out of interest do you have the car cleaned at your local popup car wash at £3 a go as the stuff they use to spray on the wheels will destroy even the best quality alloys. My Vignalle Wheels are as good as new after 18 months but always cleaned with good old fashioned soap and water.
  10. Sorry to hear of your problems and I hope you get this sorted soon I have a 2019 Focus and have to say that the Steering/Brakes and general ride is excellent just as it was in my previous two Focus models MK1 & MK3. I have always been sceptical about nearly new Ford Direct vehicles because the sales people will tell you they are just Ford Management vehicles but I wonder how many have been used and abused by others who are not Ford Management (just saying)
  11. I have a 2019 Focus with 1.0Ltr Ecoboost Manual Box 5K miles I get around 32mpg local but an easy 50mpg on a decent run.
  12. I have not had S/S working on my Focus Vignalle since day TWO of picking the car up new but to be honest the car has had a few other issues which probably contributed to the S/S not working but as unofix has already said the Ford System (on the MK 4 Focus) needs lots of things to be just right for the S/S to work anyway. CAR PURCHASED LATE SEPTEMBER 2019 AND TODAY WAS THE FIRST TIME THE START/STOP WORKED EVERYTIME I CAME TO A HALT AAAAAAMAZING😦
  13. Sorry for the late reply unofix I have been off grid for a few days but I do appreciate the info. Actually I did send him (SY Diagnostics) an email via his Facebook account and I did get the impression from his very helpful reply that he was probably a long way from where I am based in the West Midlands. However based on his comments it spurred me on to having another go at getting my local Ford Dealership who I purchased the car from to sort the problem out which they appear to have done. Apparently the fuse block that is built into the POSITIVE Battery Cable had got hot enough to not on
  14. Thank you all for the replies will give them a wide berth especially as they do not appear to be a company that likes to listen to its customers concerns.
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