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  1. Nice to hear that you have not had problems I am disappointed with my MK4 Focus as I have had Ford's for 30 years but this one could well be my last.
  2. Reliability is not a word I would associate with the Mk4 Focus not in my personal experience anyway☹️
  3. Thanks to Deadwing and Waggy I have tried again with the method (1) described by Waggy which I understand is for the MK8 Fiesta and this time it has worked I think it may be that I was not waiting long enough for the Battery Light to flash as it took what seemed like a long time but was probably only about 14 seconds (to impatient first time round). I suppose it makes sense that the sequence would be the same for the MK8 Fiesta & MK4 Focus as they probably share the same wiring and monitoring systems as they came to market relatively close together. Thank again
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply I will try your method which is for the Fiesta Mk8 again and see what happens I will post back on here with my result
  5. HI all does anyone know if the Battery Monitoring System on the MK4 Focus can be reset by the owner as all the tutorials on youtube seem to be for the Mk3 and that sequence does not work on my 2019 MK4.The tutorial by SY Diagnostics is very good and seems to imply that BMS reset is for all Fords but does not work on my car or am I missing something. There is also a Tutorial for the Mk8 Fiesta which I thought may be OK as it is a current model but that does not work either. I am reluctant to take it to the Dealership to have it reset as I have not had much joy with them in the past when I have reported other issues and anyway I would prefer to do it myself if it is possible as on the MK3.
  6. I have seen this done on youtube but always seems to be on MK3 Focus have you actually tried it on a MK4 Focus as it does not work on my 2019 MK4 Vignale
  7. Thanks for the reply guys but after the experience I and many others have had with the MK4 Focus I think the last thing Ford should be doing is introducing more Electrics into the mix at least not before they have sorted out the other issues first (the NEW KUGA Plug in Hybrid is already having problems) I am 7 weeks short of owning my Focus Vignale 1.0 for a year and although it has been OK since I got rid of the STOP/START during lockdown I am always waiting for the next Error Message to pop up on the Display its a shame really because it is otherwise a very nice car (not as nice as the 2014 MK3 1.6TDI Zetec S that I traded in though)
  8. Looking on the Ford Configurator it appears that the Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Petrol is now only available with Auto Box unless you opt for the Mild Hybrid is this correct? or am I missing something.
  10. I agree that most of the tech stuff is all to do with getting emissions that will satisfy those in Brussels who always seem to be riding round in Limousines but the problem with Ford at the moment is they don't seem able to fix the problems that are being experienced by the owners of these vehicles. As far as being (stuck with it) in relation to START/STOP I would disagree as I have disabled mine and since doing so I have not had any battery problems.
  11. I cannot dispute if Yuasa or Bosch are better than the Varta Batteries that Ford are fitting but what I do know is that when you have invested a large amount of money in a vehicle that is less than twelve months old you should not have to get your Debit Card out to pay for a new Battery to try and fix a manufacturer fault. On a personal note I cannot understand what the big deal is regarding STOP/START I think it should be in the optional extras section of the Brochure so people like me could pay a little extra not to have it say £100 like the crap Wireless Charging Pad.
  12. Good job they decided not to let the Americans have the MK4 Focus then otherwise the Legal Bods would have had a field day with all the claims for NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE😀
  13. Every time my Vignale has been in to the Dealership it comes out with that cover hanging loose. How hard can it be for the supposed Ford Trained Technician to replace it😏
  14. Mine had the same issue for months until I finally lost my cool and sent a strongly worded email to the Dealer Principle. The Telematics was replaced and has been fine since (FINGERS CROSSED).
  15. I think getting a Factory order car with the 1.5 182 engine has been a problem for a while I ordered a high spec ST Line X in May 2019 with that engine and in the end I cancelled the order as Ford repeatedly kept putting the delivery date back which eventually became Dec 2019 or Jan 2020 and when I brought it up with the Dealership as to why this was the answer I was given was ITS THE ENGINE YOU HAVE CHOSEN. In the end I purchased a Pre Built and In Stock Vignale 1.0 and to be honest it is quick enough and far less thirsty than the 1.5 182 from what I have read also has the added advantage of the Multi Link Rear end which I had on my MK1 & MK3 and in my opinion is a much better ride.