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  1. blockquote widget Finally managed to do a static regen not entirely convinced it's actually done it though temps didn't get as hot as others have suggested and nothing came out of the exhaust like most videos show it did complete with the success message etc so I'll keep an eye on it and routinely check the vaporiser fingers crossed that one issue delt with.
  2. Hi Donald I haven't been able to force a regen yet hoping to do it tomorrow, but I'll certainly let you know once I have has yours not done a regen since you cleaned it ? I know it's a pain if you don't meet the requirements for it to preform a regen.
  3. Just for anyone who lands on this thread with similar problems. Gave up last night after several attempts, tried again finally got the fuel vaporiser off, so it had half a day with WD-40 gave it another good spray this morning too. Found a video on YouTube where they use a few strands of brake cable and a drill didn't hold much hope but it's worked can now blow through the vaporiser freely. I found using a screw driver to clear the hole then using petrol to aid cleaning. Then took a few strands off some bike brake cable put it in the tube barely went a mm in at first went e
  4. Was hoping you wouldn't say that 😅 I'll give it a go, thank you for the help much appreciated.
  5. Managed to find some tubing i think it is blocked couldn't blow through it is there anything to try unblocking without removing the vaporiser ?
  6. I'll check the fuse and check the vapiozoer once the exhaust system has cooled thank you for your help.
  7. Remembered I had a carista elm which is working until the tunnelrat one turns up getting this reading.
  8. Thought that might be the case which ones best from tunnelrat-electronics ?
  9. Thamks for repling this is the one I have at the minute.
  10. Which one do you use on both PC and Android app forscan connects to my current dongle but fails to find the Ranger keep getting the check the key is it the right position other apps connect to it fine but I see that forscan is more in depth so guessing I should get one from the link you provided unless there's something I'm not doing right. Also having dpf issues getting the same error code mentioned in this thread.
  11. Hi all I always try an sign up to forums for the vehicle I own this looked like a great one. I have a Ford Ranger xlt 15 plate must say it's one of the best pickups I test drove when looking.
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