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  1. Thanks guys - I just took the trim off ( thanks Simon! ) - it was suspiciously easy and when I lifted it the switch was actually simply disconnected. Easy fix! I had a small paint repair back in Jan - I am wondering if they took it off to get to the handle and didn't put it back correctly - the only thing I can think of. If only all fixes were as simple! Cheers Mike
  2. Following on from this - does anyone know how I remove the switch so I can get a part number please? Many thanks
  3. My son pointed out he can't open/close his window from the rear door control - the switch is not lit up like the others. I can do it from the driver's door switches. Anyone had this happen? Is it worth checking fuses? Many thanks
  4. Brief update - so my barely audible Speed Warning 'chime' woke up again at the weekend - just for the remainder of one journey. Which is now making me wonder if it is a bug rather than a hardware fault. This is only the second time it has been 'loud' in over a year of ownership - trying to fathom out the connection between the 2 events and the only thing in common I can think of is that I left the car mid journey each time. The first to put air in the tyres , the second to pop into a shop , both times left passengers in the car, but I believe I pressed the start-stop button ( otherwise
  5. Nice one Mike - I am sure this will come in handy for many searching for an answer to this issue and I personally would be looking to do something like this if I have issues again. Out of interest did you just drill in horizontally or at an angle? Any idea of drill size? Please keep us posted if the situation changes with your fix!
  6. Hi David Apologies for the delayed response but I haven't been out in the car much and didn't want to guess. I went out today and had 60mph and 70mph displayed whilst on the faster roads. Now I might be imagining it, but I seem to remember not only having better coverage after the update, but the speed limit used to show on the top circle and nothing ever displayed on the bottom one, but now it is the other way around. I would be curious as to which circle yours displays on, if nothing else to test my sanity. I also think I saw a discussion where the other circle has some of the rarer
  7. The reeally strange thing is the one journey where it started chiming nice and loudly about a month back. The only difference there was that I had a (genuine) tyre pressure warning come up just before that I thought perhaps had 'woken up' the chime - it at least proved that there is some sort of sound module in the dash capable of making an audible chime, Feels too much of a coincidence - first ever tyre pressure warning, first ever time I had a loud chime - a bug in the software perhaps? Never chimed loudly since though - this stuff bugs the hell out of me, but feel a bit better knowin
  8. From a marketing perspective, I would have thought Ford would not want relatively new cars driving around looking like this - it would put me off the brand if I saw too many. How many modern cars do you see driving around with such an obvious 'in your face' flaw? I know this thread is the gift that keeps giving, but to clarify I am not talking about a small amount of 'acceptable' condensation which probably does affect other brands/models - but by design. I don't know if it is the design/manufacturing/materials - but nothing will convince me that these examples are acceptable even on a bud
  9. Mine had the traffic recognition reduced performance - was fixed with a software upgrade. It always read traffic signs, but it does seem to have slightly better coverage now My only gripe now is the lack of an audible chime on the speed warning ( 5mph above thing ) - which I think now I have may have been fobbed off by the dealers on this. I raised it recently whilst still in warranty and was told it was quiet because the cabin was quiet ( auto adjusts using the microphones ) but it doesn't matter whether there is no music or music blaring i just get a faint 'blip' rather than a chime. I
  10. Someone mentioned seatbelt rattles the other day - worth experimenting with the tension on those?
  11. Hi David We have owned ours for just over a year and we love it. It is comfy, eats the miles up, so spacious for rear passengers. As has been said, there are a few common grumbles but I think that would be fair to say about any car. My nearest Ford dealer ( Colchester ) have played fair with me. The only thing I would add to the above is to be aware of the potential inflated tax if you find one with lots of options loaded ( you mentioned high spec) - the original owner of mine did the upgraded wheels, Lux pack, heated rear seats, cooling seats, tow bar ( not sure what is/isn't incl
  12. Thanks for the reply Luke. So here is the official line from the Ford dealer today ( had a 'convenience' service today so thought I would ask ) - they said that the volume is set by the car based on the noise within the cabin. Now that doesn't make sense to me because I can hardly hear the chime when the radio is on - and yesterday, I swear, the chime was nice and loud like never before, yet the ambient cabin noise was just....normal - radio on, not too loud. The only strange factor - and I am struggling to think it is coincidence - is that the leg of the journey I had a nice loud
  13. Mine is going in for the convenience service in the morning - I had a quote for an oil and filter change for an additional £150 - does this sound reasonable? I have held off for now as I haven't had a chance to phone around, but any advice appreciated. Many thanks
  14. Hi guys Earlier today I noticed that the 'chime' that warns if you are going more than say, 5mph over the limit was nice and loud ( always thought it was too subtle ) - and even commented on it to my wife. Fast forward to my return journey and it was quiet again. I know the volume of the sat nav voice can be changed whilst the voice is talking, but I don't think I changed the volume at the split second the speed chime kicked in - in fact I have previously tried to turn it up with that method with no luck. Am I missing something? Thanks
  15. Interested to know people's thoughts on this - our Edge sounds like a London taxi in my opinion - admittedly this is the first Diesel I have owned and surprised how noisy the engine is from outside the car, but thought I was being over sensitive! It is okay from inside I guess.
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