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  1. Oops, and I felt bad when someone scratched our focus with a handbag
  2. Hi All, Thanks for your help on this. I have been in to work to see my director and he has said that he will pay my full wages until I return to work full time. The accident was a no blame situation and was purely an unavoidable accident. It was recorded in the company accident book on the same day as the occurrence. I have no doubt that it will be reported to RIDDOR in the correct manner.
  3. Hi all, I had a serious accident at work this Thursday just gone {the day before my birthday}. I spent 3 hours in A&E having 14 stitches in the wound just above my wrist. I had already booked Friday and Monday off work as hols. No good now as I cant do anything I wanted to do as I cant use my right hand. its looking like I will need at least 2-3 weeks off work due to the nature of my job. obviously I have bills to pay, rent, c/tax etc. What are my employers obligations. If you are a bit squeamish don't look at the att photo. Cheers Keith
  4. Hi, Could someone let me know if I can change the sd card from one car to another. The situation is that we have a Focus titanium x (on a 15 plate) which is sync 2 and has Sat Nav and we have a Kuga titanium x (16 Plate) which is also Sync 2 which does not have sat nav. The 2 screens and set up are identical. Is it possible just to take the card from the focus and load it into the kuga without causing any problems? We don't really need Sat in the Focus but I would like it in the Kuga.
  5. Hi I bought a 16 plate Kuga 1.5 petrol ecoboost in impact blue just a few weeks ago. I am really pleased with it although I will be fitting Eibach lowering springs to dampen the roll. Now this may seem a bit petty but the overhead led lights don't work. The ones in the footwell and doors work fine. Can I get the panel off and change the bulbs? I do a lot of night driving and its annoying me. Cheers.
  6. Hi the focus is petrol, and the last service was April last year. 38,000 miles on clock
  7. My wife's focus titan x tells us that oil change is required does this mean service or just purely a an oil change? Also how do I cancel the message. Cheers Keith
  8. hey cheers for that but the misses don't like the beetle/spider thingy
  9. Hi guys, we are new here, we have a focus tit x and a kugar tit x (just bought). will be on here quite a lot. We know if we need any help you will help us out, cheers Keith & Sarah