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  1. If I was to get the 2-din dash, are there any Ford 2-din stereos that would fit nicely, so that I could still use the cd-changer. Still thinking of just upgrading to the 6000CD so that I have access to another cd lol
  2. I have used the din adaptor (no. 1) before in my mondeo, it was okay, but would prefer to keep a larger din stereo. I really like the idea of no.3, but my focus is the Ghia and would like to keep the wood coloring if possible (might have to break out the airbrush and practice lol). I have a spare (grey) dash as needed new clock and cigarette lighter, so will look into mods with the Metra Kit, have already practiced making couple of small rectangular holes in it for a 2 port USB adaptor lol.
  3. Is there any (aftermarket) options for upgrading the stereo unit? I have a Mk1 focus ghia with the 5000cd unit and the 6 cd changer, I have often wondered if I could upgrade the main unit (and possibly still use the cd changer) but have struggled finding anything other than the din adaptors..
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