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  1. Detecting bodywork colours

    Not that I know of but I don't think so. The only modification it appears to have is a stone chip surface applied to the sides to prevent chipping and rusting.
  2. Over revving when I stop

    I actually had the same problem yesterday with my Fiesta but its a 1996 model. The other main difference between mines and yours is that mines hasnt been started for a year so I was expecting the engine to be shakey on startup. It stopped doing that after about 2 minutes. So as said above, definately take it back to the dealer!
  3. Detecting bodywork colours

    Hi Folks, I'm wondering if anyone can help me detect my paint colour code. I have a 1996 Ford Fiesta Classic 1.1, P reg, and the colour is burgundy red. I checked the panel on the bonnet and it said my paintwork was "D2" I think but having done a few checks, this code doesn't match up with Burgundy. I have only recently brought it back to life again and have re-built the wheel arches using fibreglass, cataloy and red primer. I now need the paint colour to spray it back up to its normal colour. If anyone can help that'd be much appreciated. Cheers!!