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  1. What about security or the PATS system, I thought it was only Ford who could programme keys when it comes to BCM’s, many companies have told me they don’t want to get involved and I’ve never heard anyone say it’s plug in and play if the spec is identical?
  2. I will test the heated washers out when I finish work, I’ve never read anywhere else that the motors have their own modules in, I don’t think this is the case but what the hell do I know I suppose. im not savvy with electricity, my friend who I went to see is, it’s just unfortunate he didn’t have his tools with him. I will go back and see him when I can and test the motors out directly to see if they’re receiving power, he doesn’t think they were though. from what you have said it sounds like it could be something other than the BCM, but I’m definitely getting a diagnoses from Ford before I pay for any parts of repairs. I have a question about the repair process with ford if you have any knowledge on this; if they told me it’s culprit A, they fix the culprit but it doesn’t fix the problem, do I still have to pay for any labour they’ve done in the vehicle or is it their mistake for a misdiagnoses?
  3. So did you get a new BCM? Did it fix the problem? How much did it cost?
  4. Hi, a lot of this is out of my depth but I’ll respond where I can. There was never any clicking that I noticed from the wiper motors even when they were working, but you could definitely hear the buzzing sound of the motors functioning. The start stop still works, and I don’t have any other electrical problems with the vehicle. I don’t think the washer jets heat up, I haven’t tested this out. I’m assuming they would just from the heat of the engine though? When me and my friend took the trim off we didn’t have a multimeter at the time, he didn’t think they were receiving any power though, there was no heat or noise from the motors at all. I got lost at the part where you said if there’s no power being received, you’re assuming this is the problem. Do you mean bad wiring or a bad BCM?
  5. I called them and he said he could test the BCM out but theres no guarantee he could fix it, he would charge me 45 for this. Ford have discounted my diagnostic to 53 from 106 because its only the wipers so I might aswell get the diagnosis from ford. I've rang many many remapping companies over the weekend and none of them want to get involved with the BCM, I've seen many youtube videos showing module reprogramming with a VCM cable, FORD IDS and two keys, but nobody can do it for me. Ran out of hope here, I'm just going to have to get some money together and hand it over to ford
  6. Ford quoted me £435 to fix it. How do I reprogramme it? Ford have told me they won’t reprogramme a used part if I take it to them, and they will only offer me a new part. Surely there’s remapping companies that could do it? i looked at the BCM unit yesterday, it all looks perfectly fine, I never dropped it because I didn’t want to unclamp the wrong thing but I stuck my phone up there and it all looks brand new.
  7. I’ve taken it to an electrical auto garage and they’ve confirmed it’s the BCM, but they don’t provide the service to fix it. They’ve gave me a number to ring on their recommendation but what are my options here? How much will a BCM cost? Could I not scrap one from a car or buy a part from eBay? Do they need to be programmed to the car?
  8. We didn’t have a multi meter on us, but all of the wires looked fine, nothing looked burnt out or brown, the motors looked like they were in good condition i thought it would be the coms wire in between, but we couldn’t get at it. I’m guessing this wire would need to be raplced, or the whole BCM but I don’t know if this is a heavy job or not
  9. Sorry I took so long, I thought I would’ve got email notifications but I didn’t. today me and my friend took the panel off to look at the motors directly, they’re fine all the wires look okay, it isn’t receiving any power at all. Both motors don’t click, move or make any sound or generate any heat when turning on. when you say BCM issue, what exactly is this? I know my fair share about cars but I’m way out of my depth here. ive checked all of the fuses and they all look fine, I went to Halfords today and literally replaced all of them with the correct voltages and nothing happened. I haven’t checked the interior fuse box but It isn’t linked to the front windshield wipers so it can’t be that can it? My last guess is the actual fuse box panel, are they expensive? Does anyone have an idea of the cost of this?
  10. Hi, I can’t find any descriptions exactly like mine in previous threads so I’m making my own. i have a 2015 Ford Focus TDCI 1.5 My front windshield wipers won’t work, the rear ones do. When I lift the stalk up literally nothing happens, there’s no clicking noise that can be heard which some people report, I’ve checked the fuses and they all seem fine (F18 fuse), and I’ve disconnected the battery completely to let it reset, nothing works. Ive moves the wipers up to a service position and tried to see if they move back on their own an they don’t, they’re just like completely limp. Im getting very worried this is going to be an expensive fix, my MOT is due October 15th (of course it is) and I don’t have much money to fork out on repairs, I’m a part time student does anyone have any idea what this could possibly be, and if so what price tag comes along with it? I’ve read somewhere it could be the entire fuse panel which are £500? I cant hear the relay clicking so maybe it’s that?