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  1. Just an update, long overdue I know, but I fitted the bulbs and no errors or issues. I did crap myself a bit though when removing the mirror glass, as it’s more or less brute force, but you try to distribute it evenly around the mirror as you pull on it. They look a lot better now though, I’d recommend upgrading if you haven’t already. I used the Phillips 8000K LED bulbs, they look a solid white, compliments the DRL’s and license plate lights perfectly!
  2. Hi all! Does anyone know if the 1.5 Ecoboost has an additional coolant pump fitted to cool down the turbo after the engine has switched off? I know the 1.0 has one after all the overheating problems, but I’m wounding if the 1.5 has one as well to prevent problems. I'm currently idling at the start and end of each journey, which is probably old fashioned now ;)
  3. Hi! Does anyone know if the puddle lamps have canbus? I want to stick some Phillips LED bulbs in mine, but I don’t know if it’s going to throw up an error. Cheers
  4. Yeah it’s petrol, the 182bhp version. I wish mine was a puff of grey, but it’s a cloud of black... What MPG are you getting? Mine managed an average of 38mpg today while driving like Miss Daisy. I used to average 46mpg out of my 2013 1.6 TI-VCT.
  5. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues with their Ecoboost engines when it comes to black smoke at start up? I’ve got the 1.5 182bhp 4-cylinder in my ST-Line X that I picked up last Friday. When I start it from cold, it kicks out a load of black smoke. If you rev it, a load more comes out, but just the once. After that there’s no smoke, and it runs fine. Engine doesn’t sound like it’s struggling, and it pulls fine. I’ve taken it back to Ford, who have checked the engine over, and they’ve said nothings wrong with it at all. Apparently all seals are fine, oil level is fine, plugs are clean. They’ve said the engine is fine in every way. They’re blaming it on a dodgy batch of fuel. I’m hoping someone else has had this problem, or has any ideas about what it could be? Thanks for your help, and I hope I’ve posted in the right place!